How Do You Start A Successful Business Online? The Complete Framework – Turning a job into a passion

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I know you are wondering about all the confusion that surrounds the topic of “Make how-do-you-start-a-business-online-the-complete-framework-turn-a-job-into-a-passionMoney Online” and also, how you go about doing that yourself?

It is not such an easy topic to just spit out in one sentence. It would be the same as asking “how you make money?” because there are many different paths.

So,  if you will lend me just a couple minutes of your time,  I will tell you the process and explain what the foundation of success online starts with.

Sound good to you?  O.K. Great!

Real quick,  Before we jump into things, I do want to mention a couple of things to you about the way that I approach my readers/visitors, or audience.

I recommend that you try ONLY products that will give you an inside look. Let you get a sense of feel and how they work before you spend a dime of your own money.

I would prefer to be able to try something before I have to pay for it. That is why on my site, that I only recommend products/services that are either completely free or free to try before you spend a penny out of your pocket.

So, here at, we only recommend try before you buy systems.

Now I want to get into achieving your success online, but first, I want to ask you something???

What is the Most Critical Thing That is Preventing You From Online Success?

I am really, personally asking you?

Thus far, what has been preventing you from achieving your success online?

Are you afraid to try something new?  Is it the fear of failure?  What are you afraid of?

There has to be some reason for you to have not been able to find success so far. I would love to hear why you think you have not achieved success so far (leave a comment below).  It will help me to improve my service here on my site and help more people succeed at a higher rate, too.

Maybe your lack of success has to do to being exposed to scam after scam, and if that is the case, that is a bad experience. It really sucks, and I do know firsthand.

I am going to completely turn you around today and get you going in the correct direction of LEGIT programs online.

Let’s start with the foundation…

Step 1: The Foundation – A Website

First and foremost, you need a WEBSITE of your own if you want to be successful online. People try to throw together a business without a website and they end up with nothing but failure. You cannot spam the heck out of Facebook or Instagram and expect results, you NEED A WEBSITE.

A website is equivalent to the foundation for a building. In order for someone to have a quality home that will last, the contractor must first set his foundation, then complete the construction of the home. An online business is no different and your foundation is going to be your website.

I always assure myself, and my team, to start with a solid foundation. You do not want a “Hut” that will wash away when it rains. We want strength, that allows us to build…and build…and build.

I teach friends to build skyscrapers! Not something that will wash away in the rain.

If you start out with a very strong foundation then you will be VERY SUCCESSFUL online.

Step 2: Building On The Foundation – The Contenthow-do-you-start-a-business-online-the-complete-framework-change-a-job-into-a-passion

You have your website, a solid foundation, now what? The next step is going to be creating content. Your content is going to be where a good deal of your traffic (through SEO) comes from. This will give you the ability to build relationships with your visitors (which generates revenue), and the creation of your brand (which will lead to long-term business and success).

Content can be a variety of things, from text, to comments/dialogue within your content, to video and audio. Search engines like websites that are content rich and so do PEOPLE.

Build quality content and the buyers will come.

Step 3: Your Audience – The Traffic

Now that you have a solid foundation and started building, your website with content, you are going to need some visitors or also known as website traffic. Where do you get this kind of traffic?

There are many ways that you can go about doing this, with content being your first and foremost solution. As you can see, I have listed some ways here:

  • Writing Content
  • Creating Videos
  • Getting Rankings in Google (which comes from content)
  • Paid Traffic
  • Ad Buys

These are all things that can be learned within Wealthy Affiliate, the top place to get an education in online business anywhere. So if you don’t understand what some of these things mean, they can most definitely be learned. I have been working full time on the Internet for a few years now and I would be more than happy to help you out with any of your questions, simply find/query me within WA (requires you to create a free account).

Step 4: The Fun Part – The Money

This is where your work is starting to show and it gets really fun. There are tons of ways to make money on a website that has traffic. Here are just a few of the ways that I have personally used myself:


  • Selling Affiliate Products
  • Selling Amazon Products
  • Selling Your Own Products
  • Google Adsense                          (Putting Ads on your site)
  • Selling the Website itself

This is not the extent of all the ways I have made money, but it is 5 of the possibilities. Once you have your very own website (easy to create now days), content, and some traffic…the sky is literally the limit.

Whether you are looking to earn a “part time” income or you want to earn a substantial living online, this is up to you.

Don’t Go Alone…  I’m Here To HELP!how-do-you-start-a-business-online-the-complete-framework-change-a-job-into-a-passion

This information of “knowing how” a making money online business works will only take you so far, so the absolute first thing I would suggest is that you DO NOT go at it alone.

Don’t try to find your way through the wild west. There are to many scams out there.

A bunch of  good-for-nothing vultures and gurus that mislead people by giving out misinformation and teach out of date practices.  It could end up hurting you more than helping.

That is why I want to invite you to MY HANGOUT, the place where I help folks every day, for free. No catches, no credit card,  just fill out a form and you are IN!

—–  >>>  Get Started NOW!  <<<  —–

So, now that you understand how the process of making money online works, why don’t you join me?

And, if you ever need a hand or get confused about “earning money online” just let me know. My name is George, just send me a message below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Here is to: Success!

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Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners? The complete guide to success.

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In this guide explaining “Is Affiliate Marketing for beginners”, we will explain how affiliate marketing works, and how to get Is-Affiliate-Marketing-For-Beginners?-The-complete-guide-to-success.started right away.

There’s no shortage of ways you can make money online. However, few are as flexible and rewarding as Affiliate Marketing. If done right, it can be a lucrative way of earning an income by producing creative and valuable content.

Affiliate Marketing enables you to monetize your content by promoting other companies’ products using affiliate links. When somebody buys a product or service based on your referral, you earn a small commission on that purchase.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the basics of affiliate marketing and discuss how it works in practice. We’ll also show you how you could benefit from using it and give you some help getting started.

Let’s begin!

What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Does It Work?

Monetizing your website doesn’t have to be a difficult or compromising endeavor. In fact, it can be incredibly rewarding, both from an economic and creative perspective. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of the legwork involved in other methods of making money online.

In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing is when you earn commissions for recommending products/services to readers (or people you know). This is done by joining affiliate programs, where you get unique links (tagged with your personal ID) that tracks whenever your links convert to a sale. If someone out there buys something through your link, it rains money. Or, well, usually a small percentage of the sale, but it’s a start!

Affiliate Marketing as a monetization stream is perfect for website owners, because we recommend things on a daily basis. It’s also a largely passive way to make money, which frees up your time to do other cool things, like travel or do the things you consider enjoyment. One of the best ways to monetize your website/blog, so you should read on to learn all about it!

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products from external vendors on your own website. While definitions sometimes vary, there are generally three or four parties involved in an affiliate setup. Since these terms can be confusing, let’s take a moment to clarify the ‘who’s who’ of affiliate marketing:

  • The affiliate. Also known as ‘the marketer,’ this is the person running a site that contains affiliate links. The affiliate receives a commission on each purchase made by visitors who found a product by clicking on one of their links.
  • The consumer. This is a visitor on the affiliate site, who clicks on an affiliate link and completes a purchase (whether that’s the original item being promoted, or something else from the same company).
  • The network. This refers to the internal or third-party platform that the affiliate program is operated on. This means they’re the ones providing the links that the affiliates use and paying the affiliate their commissions.
  • The merchant. This is a company that sells products being marketed by the affiliate. In many cases, the merchant and the network are the same, as some companies run their own affiliate programs.You might be curious about how the merchant knows which affiliate is responsible for the purchase. That’s actually the easy part since every affiliate is given a unique link that tracks each product they promote. This lets the merchant track all referrals using cookies to ensure that they know exactly how much money they’ve earned thanks to each affiliate (and what to pay them in return).

If that still sounds a bit confusing, let’s look at a typical real-life example of how an affiliate sale might work:Is-Affiliate-Marketing-For-Beginners?-The-complete-guide-to-success.

  1. An affiliate publishes a blog post on their site. The post is a review of a pair of sneakers, which are sold by the merchant.
  2. At the bottom of the post, the affiliate includes a link that leads to the sneakers’ product page.
  3. A consumer reads the blog post and, intrigued by the review, clicks on the affiliate link.
  4. Once on the merchant’s website, the consumer decides to purchase the sneakers.
  5. The merchant earns a profit off of the sale and shares a portion of that money with the affiliate.

Why Should You Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Here are three compelling reasons:

  1. You can monetize your website/blog sooner than you would if you created your own products from scratch.
  2. You can learn what types of products your audience is clamoring for, reducing the risk of any future product launch of your own.
  3. You can get your readers used to the idea of buying from you — and increase their level of trust (as long as you pick the right products/services to sell and stay honest).

All pretty significant advantages to you as a growing marketer.

But that’s not all. There are additional benefits to Affiliate Marketing as well:

  • It’s easy to implement. You share a link with your readers and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about tracking sales, providing customer service, setting up payments, or anything else. All that support is handled by the merchant.
  • It doesn’t require you to have a support team in place. Affiliate marketing is completely doable even if you’re a one-person show.
  • It doesn’t require specialized expertise. You don’t have to be a world-renowned expert in your niche. You only need to be familiar enough with your topic area to know what products are good and worth recommending to your audience.
  • It’s low-effort and low-risk. It doesn’t require a significant time or money investment on your part.

Sounds pretty good in theory, right? Let’s see if affiliate marketing is right for you.

How Affiliate Marketing Can Benefit YouIs-Affiliate-Marketing-For-Beginners?-The-complete-guide-to-success.

The potential to earn money by simply sharing links probably sounds tempting already. However, Affiliate Marketing comes with a whole host of advantages beyond the obvious one. Let’s take a look at some of the main ways being an affiliate marketer can benefit you and your site.

First of all, it’s a low-risk and inexpensive business. The bare minimum for getting started as an affiliate is having a blog, a website, or even just a social media profile. This makes it a very cost-effective method for earning money. It also means you don’t have to commit a lot of cash up-front since you can start small and grow your marketing efforts over time.

Another compelling aspect of Affiliate Marketing is that it lets you be creative, and provide something genuinely useful to your audience. Since you can use affiliate links pretty much anywhere, you can set up a review site, publish long-form articles, or even produce video content. Since you’re promoting other companies’ products, you don’t even need to worry about actually creating, shipping, and supporting the items yourself.

Affiliate Marketing also gives you the freedom to choose what you promote. In other words, it offers you the luxury of being picky. Not only do you get to decide precisely which programs to work with, but in most cases, you’ll even select the individual products and services you want to promote. As such, you always have full control over what’s featured on your site.

Last but not least, Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative (although keep in mind that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme). Since you’re earning a percentage of every sale you refer, there’s no maximum ceiling for earnings either. This means that if your affiliate site takes off in a big way, you could potentially end up making a great passive income.

The flow is pretty straightforward once you understand it, and it works the same no matter what kind of product you’re promoting or how established you are as an Affiliate Marketer.

So let’s look at the typical progression for a person who’s serious about making Affiliate Marketing a major source of income.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (In 3 Steps)

As we’ve already mentioned, affiliate marketing has a relatively low barrier to entry. To help you get started quickly, we’re going to walk you through the first steps for turning YOU into an affiliate marketing success.

Step 1: Building your own website

First and foremost, you need a WEBSITE of your own if you want to be successful online. People try to throw together a business without a website and they end up with nothing but failure. You cannot spam the heck out of Facebook or Instagram and expect results,

A website is equivalent to the foundation for a building. In order for someone to have a quality home that will last, the contractor must first set his foundation, then complete the construction of the home. An online business is no different and your foundation is going to be your website.

You can actually get some really awesome websites for completely FREE these days. Literally 10 minutes from now you can be up and running online, you NEED A WEBSITE.

Step 2: Creating Content

You have your website, a solid foundation, now what? The next step is going to be creating content. Your content is going to be where a good deal of your traffic (through SEO) comes from. This will give you the ability to build relationships with your visitors (which generates revenue), and the creation of your brand (which will lead to long-term business and success). Content can be a variety of things, from text, to comments/dialogue within your content, to video and audio.

Step 3: Your Audience

Now that you have a solid foundation and started building, your website with content, you are going to need some visitors or also known as website traffic.

These are all things that can be learned within Wealthy Affiliate, the top place to get an education in online business anywhere. So if you don’t understand what some of these things mean, they can most definitely be learned. I have been working full time on the Internet for a few years now and I would be more than happy to help you out with any of your questions, simply find/query me within WA (requires you to create a free account).

The Bottom Line On: “Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners”…

That dream you’ve had of making money while you sleep isn’t just a silly fantasy.Is-Affiliate-Marketing-For-Beginners?-The-complete-guide-to-success.

It’s a completely achievable reality.

Sure, it’s not as easy as pushing a magic button, but with a little knowledge and persistence you can definitely do it.

Once you’ve gained a respectable following, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money blogging.

And the best news is that it’s so easy to get started.

I did a lot of research to find the right one, and so I chose Wealthy Affiliate. I figured it made sense to learn from the best, and with a Starter Membership being $0 (No Obligations, No Credit Card Required), I had nothing to lose. I go more in-depth about it in my review, but the training courses and step-by-step video tutorials was definitely a game-changer for me.

Affiliate Marketing is unique. This marketing technique enables you to monetize your own site, choosing exactly what products to promote and how.

If you want to jump start your success:I really do recommend signing up for your FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP. It has helped me SO much in terms of starting out and getting in the right mindset for affiliate marketing.

Do you have any questions about getting started with affiliate marketing? Please leave them below in the comments section and I will get in touch with you soon. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I do hope that it will be helpful in you moving forward in your online success.

Thank You!

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Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – “Premium it is” – Failing is not an option.

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Premium It Is!

Read about how Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership can change the way you do business online and how it can help you wealthy-affiliate-premium-membershipbe a very successful online marketer in the near future.

Are you thinking about starting your own unique website business?

I know that if you are here is because you are working online or you are interested in working from home as an online marketer. If yes then you will want to be careful not to sign up to some great sounding opportunity that is promising large amounts of income with very little effort and no time involved. This is a formula that does not work.

But what does?

Give me just a few minutes of your time here and I will introduce you to an amazing all-in-one platform. Learn the Wealthy Affiliate platform and how Wealthy Affiliate is helping people around the world, make a full time income from home.

If a person does not achieve success here with the Premium Membership, it is because they did not try to reach success, plain and simple.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has become the life of my online business adventures. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of like-minded super supportive affiliates who have a common place to network, teach, and learn best practices.

The platform started in 2005 as a simple keyword list membership site and has since evolved to provide more comprehensive tools and services such as an integrated website builder, training tutorials, and lessons.

The community support at Wealthy Affiliate is also arguably one of the most active and helpful communities in the affiliate marketing niche, pretty rare if you ask me.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform dedicated to affiliate marketers and helping internet entrepreneurs create successful businesses online through training, having access to the tools and services they need, as well as timely support from industry experts.

Inside this massive toolbox for affiliates you will find thousands of hours of training on any topic that pertains to but not limited to: Website Creation, SEO, Keyword Research, optimizing a blog for SEO, as well as SEO on your website, and so more… Follow me inside and let me show you around!

Wealthy Affiliate is a very simple system with only two types of memberships. Yes, that means NO UPSELLS! You are not having to buy something around every turn in order to advance or grow. They don’t try to sell you something every 5 minutes either, like most do.

There is a Free Membership and a Premium Membership. The Premium cost of $49/month or $359year ($29.92/month. Save $229. 39% off). As everywhere else, a free membership is very limited, and it is very hard to be successful online. It is super hard when you are trying to build a solid online business as a free affiliate member.

A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Will Turn Your Passion Into Your Carreer.

With Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, you will learn how to create a website and how you can make that website into a strong foundation for your online business.

Having a website gives you the full control of selling or advertising anything you like. Owning a website is by far the best way of doing business online. Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership will teach you how to fully monetize your brand new website.

Don’t have any experience building a website?

Do not worry, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership has your back. You will have a start-to-finish training class in creating a beautiful website. Right after your website has come to life, then you will take a full class about how to monetize your brand new website.

Another thing, when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, is learning how you can make money in affiliate marketing. The process is really quite simple. Let me give it to you in a nutshell.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Promote other people’s products/services on your website and get paid a commission.wealthy-affiliate-premium-membership

First, you will need to select your niche. What is a niche? Though many people tend to overthink this process of selecting a niche, it too is simple to find a niche. All you have to do is look around you. You are involved in many niches every single day.

You are probably reading this post on your computer or a smartphone. Both of these devices are niches.

The chair you are sitting in. Do you drive a vehicle? That is a niche too. Do you like sports? How about animals? These are niches too.

You basically will choose a hobby, interest or passion of yours and create content on a specific aspect of that niche. Then you become free affiliates of companies that sell these products, where you will get free affiliate links to place on your website.

Let us say that you are into dogs. You want to do a website promoting dog products, but realize that the niche is far too broad. So what do you do?

You could focus in on a particular type of dog equipment like different kinds of toy’s or doggy beds.

You can also focus on multiple products that fall under a specific category of dogs. You could make your dog website to promote only food and treats, beds and mats, rain gear, harnesses, kennels, clothing for dogs, training services.

Then you would look for an appropriate affiliate program. You could and should become an Amazon affiliate because they do have such a large selection, but you should look for relevant programs too. So go to Google and type the following: Dog Products+Services+Affiliate Program

This will present you with affiliate programs of companies that has different products/services. Companies like Ruff Wear, Doggy Dan, Trainyourpetdog, and many others.

Now all you do is research what each program offers and apply to the ones you want.

The Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate Includes Everything you need and more…

The easiest way and the best way to start your success online, is to create an affiliate marketing website. Not only is this type of marketing website easy to start, but it also can be operated with a very low monetary yearly investment.

Where can you get started?

When searching the internet for affiliate marketing training you will find many offers. There are only a few worth looking at.

Of the few, only Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive training and website business building platform. You will find it very hard to fail as a member of the WA community because of all the benefits that is at your disposal within Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

What are these benefits?

  • Easy step-by-step training for the beginner
  • Walk-through video tutorials
  • Access to all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Courseswealthy-affiliate-premium-membership
  • Access to all 70 Affiliate Bootcamp Courses
  • Weekly LIVE webinar classes on various topics to enhance your success
  • Ability to create your own training tutorials (After 3 Months) and be paid for it
  • Your own affiliate blog that gets quick indexing into Google
  • Free access to the powerful Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Build all of your websites within 30 seconds without programming them yourself
  • Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on your own domain for no extra cost
  • Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on the Free SiteRubix sub domain
  • Access to over 3,000 WordPress website themes and 50,000 add on plugins
  • Free SSL Certificates for better encryption on websites with your own domain
  • Ability to purchase domain names from within the WA platform
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year you have direct access to Technical Support
  • Help and support from over a million WA world-wide community members
  • SiteProtect to give full protection against comment spam without the use of a plugin
  • Virus and malware protection for safer websites
  • SiteSpeed which increases the loading speed of all your website pages and posts
  • Easily learn about SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn the importance of Social Media Marketing
  • Have problems creating your content? SiteContent makes content creation easier
  • Grammar, spelling and plagiarism checkers within SiteContent
  • Access to 1,000,000+ free to use images from Pixels, Pixabay and Unsplash
  • Earn 100% more than free starter members in the free WA Affiliate Program

That may seem like a lot, but the two dozen benefits above is just the tip of the iceberg.

You get so much more and it will not cost you more than the $49/month Premium Membership fee with your first month of premium being only $19.

What a great price to pay to start your online success.

>>>> Premium Membership Sign-up Here – First month $19 <<<<

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate The Best Place To Begin?

The training at Wealthy Affiliate and the resources available for choosing a niche and affiliate programs, are the best you can find on the internet. There are so many things you can learn from the WA education experience that will benefit your website business success.

Many of the website building and content creation techniques that you will learn can also be applied to other people’s websites outside of WA. This will open up some possible freelance opportunities that can earn you additional income to help pay for your WA membership, while going through the training here.

One of the most sought after knowledge from people with small and medium size company websites is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO, in a nutshell, is learning how to get ranked in the search engines (google, bing, yahoo) which then allows you to build an audience from the free traffic clicking on your content.

Seeing how you will have this knowledge from the training here at WA, you can seek these freelance opportunities. Even knowing simple techniques like internal links will help, which you will learn as well.

Do you know how to help boost SEO rankings on your website?

It is one of the many simple and subtle techniques of SEO that is taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. Create relevant internal links in your website content.

For example “how to help boost SEO rankings” in the question I asked above this paragraph is linking you to a post that I have already written about that very topic. So, if someone wanted to learn or get help about SEO rankings then they are able to click on that link and off they go to another post on my website. Google LOVES them.

So if you are not yet a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to create, manage and operate your own unique affiliate marketing website business, join for FREE TODAY!

Get your Free Starter Membership and be up and running online in just a short period with NO OBLIGATIONS!

Try it before you buy it!

==>>> Click Here Now to SIGN-UP $0.

You Can Do Many Things With Your Websites.wealthy-affiliate-premium-membership

Remember you can host up to 50 Websites when you are a Premium Member in Wealthy Affiliate. This is great, If you are already paying hosting services somewhere else. You can transfer all of your websites, up to 25 for free, and save the money you are spending elsewhere. Then up to 25 domains you create inside WA and build.

50 Websites is huge. I know many that makes a wealthy living from just 1 website, so keep that in mind.

Having a website allows you to join and promote affiliate programs like Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and many other big companies around the world. All of these affiliate programs will not allow you to promote their product unless you have a well-designed and operating website with great quality content on it.

These websites must have good quality content to be approved by Amazon and other great commissions payers online. That is why it is very important to become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. There you will learn how to write attractive blogs with great quality content that can make you lots of money online.

Why Wealthy Affiliates Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate focuses more on training their affiliates on how to become successful online entrepreneurs. It does have its own Affiliate Program that pays very good commissions on every referral that you bring to the system and becomes a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member.

Wealthy Affiliate referrals program has many ways of making a recurring income.

Free Membership vs Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

We all love the idea of free membership but it will not take to long to realize that we will only make a few cents per day if we do not become Premium. About 95% of an online marketer is searching for ways to make money online as a free member.

I do believe that it can be achieved, however, this will consume a tremendous amount of time and effort to be successful online. There are many reasons why people are trying to make money online with a free membership account. I get it because I tried it in the beginning because of my unsureness. Once you start to learn the proper way to do things online you will be kicking yourself for wasting the time you did by not up-grading.

When Should I Upgrade To A Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate?

You can go Premium as soon as you would like. I would not recommend that with any other programs, and the only reason I say that now because I am a current Premium Member myself and I know what is offered. The longer you wait, the more time you lose learning and building your success online.

It is very important to really check the programs out that you are looking to join. Just so you understand the process before you give your money away.

Don’t forget, Sign-up Now ===>>>> GET YOUR FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP HERE!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post. I will be in contact soon after you complete your sign-up above. See you in Wealthy Affiliate. If you need to message me after your signed up…

My username: GeorgeFisher

I would love to hear your questions and comments. After you take a look around inside by signing up above for your Free Membership, I would love to get your feedback as to what you think of the program after you take a look around. Just put in the comments section below. Thank you and I will respond personally to any questions.wealthy-affiliate-premium-membershipThank you!


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Niche Profit Full Control Review – Is this for me?

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Niche Profit Full Control Reviewniche-profit-full-control-review-adam-short

Name: Niche Profit Full Control


Price: $1,500

Owners: Adam Short & Robert Mclees

Overall Rank: 86 out of 100

If you comb through various internet marketing products online, you will come to the conclusion that they offer incomplete training sessions to beginners, especially most of whom lack the relevant technical skills. Beginners without these technical skills don’t have the ability to make any money online and incomplete training doesn’t provide any benefits either. As a result, the whole industry has had a bad image formed.

I am glad that you have taken a moment and chose to see my review on Niche Profit Full Control. In this review we will be covering:

  • what is offered
  • the tools in the program
  • what is the support like
  • what are the owners about
  • who is it for
  • my final conclusion

Niche Profit Full Control is an affiliate marketing training program that teaches people how they can create websites, attract visitors, market products and earn a commission.

There are people who are earning a living through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to own products or have a physical shop where you can sell products to customer for profits.

There are online retailers who are willing to pay you good commissions if you can help them generate traffic or sales via your website.

I have watched and listened to Adam Short’s speeches available on his sales video and I can tell you he is a successful marketer himself. For more than 10 years, Adam has been making money as an online marketer.

See my full Review to my #1 Training & Marketing Platform.

Phase’s Inside Niche Profit Full Control

NPFC has been divided into 2 different phases. The creators understand that creating an online business requires different types of training compared to that required for a normal or an already existing business.

The first phase is completely focused on helping beginners with the process of setting up their online business. Here, students get enough training that allows them to earn as much as $10,000 each month through the promotion of affiliate products. The training includes all the important aspects such as building landing pages, creating amazing websites and enticing sales pages. Phase one provides you with every information necessary to help you start a new online business from scratch.

The second phase focuses on teaching students how to increase the profits from their business from thousands to millions of dollars each month. Here, the program teaches students how to make more waves with affiliate businesses as well as creating a product thereby making more money. From the program, you can learn how to improve your business through using techniques such as reverse engineering, advanced traffic strategies, membership websites, product bundles and much more.

The Core Training At Niche Profit Full Control

The program has a core training module that’s spread over 8 weeks and into 8 separate modules. The program can be conducted through a webinar where the creators are available online to answer any questions from their students through a live stream. The creators and their assisting teams guide the students through the program allowing them to dive deeper into the topics as well as discuss any issues they might have concerning the program.

During the 8 weeks, the training modules are expected to cover niche selection, training on creating a production as well as sales funnels, setting up an effective selling machine, the importance of testing such as conversion testing, profit maximization, traffic maximization, content publishing and a final wrap of all the 7 modules mentioned above. Well, that’s just the start since the program also includes numerous other issues as listed.

First, there are a few case studies and various templates that the students can use effectively. Secondly, the students have access to at least 6 different types of software which will be described further in detail. Buyers also get access to a personal swipe file of one of the creators, Adam short. Finally, there is a video training course presented by Adam short which dwells on setting goals and proper time management.


What About The Support?

There are many self-proclaimed internet gurus who don’t provide their students with timely support leaving them to seek their own paths without a clue about anything. If a student doesn’t have enough support, he/she will most likely be dissatisfied and eventually might end up quitting on the product in question. Students can receive support in a few ways.

First, buyers are given access to a forum for members only. Here, the creators together with their team provide guidance and support to all the students. If you gain access to this forum, you have the ability to discuss issues with other students and get exceptional guidance from Adam Short and all of his team members.

Ready To Go…niche-profit-full-control-review

Some of the niches that are featured in the package include fat loss for women, stress management, survival training, save your marriage, neuro linguistic programming, build muscle fast, penny stock trading as well as the real secrets of men.

All the packages also come with 20 very high quality articles that can be used on any website for content marketing purposes. There is also a highly converting opt-in page, high quality sales letter as well as 2 high quality reports that are available freely allowing the student to create their own customized subscription list. There is also a complete auto responder sequence which includes emails (both selling and informational) for providing the subscribers with value. Remember, each of the businesses mentioned have been selected purposely because of the million dollar profit potential they each possess.

Tools Offered By Niche Profit Full Control

The program provides every student with 6 very powerful software tools. These are used to create a very profitable online business very fast.

#1. There is the Market Feeder which allows you to find the hottest and most popular products in Clickbank. If you are updated on the internet marketing world, you should be aware that Clickbank is currently one of the largest affiliate marketplaces on the internet. Over the years, the site has gathered over one billion dollar affiliates. Using this product, you can carefully analyze the marketplace and choose the hottest products to promote.

#2. There is the Market Analyzer tool. Using this tool, you can understand the various indicators in the market and get an overall score that helps you chose the right niche to promote.

It’s important to understand that choosing the right product to promote is the first step in creating a successful online empire. There are many people who make lots of losses before they eventually discover the right product and start making money. Using these software tools, you can find the most popular products to promote very fast.

#3. Competition Profiler is the third rule. Using it, you can analyze your competitors’ websites as well as their sales funnels and get enough access to competing performance data. With this data, you can successfully improve your internet marketing campaigns.

#4. The software package list is the Niche Profit Press. Using this tool, you can create very high quality pages in a few minutes. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can create webinar pages, sales pages, squeeze pages and any relevant pages. Even better, you can enjoy using the fully customizable templates. So, it’s irrelevant whether you understand CSS, HTML or Javascript because using this software tool, you can create very high quality sales and landing pages.

#5. Traffic Advantage is the fifth software tool available in the package. Internet marketing has been completely changed through social media. Using different social media platforms, you can deliver targeted traffic to your service/product. Using this software tool, you can redirect all the traffic coming from your social media to your sales funnel effortlessly.

You can also get access to Social Leads Builder, yet another list building program. Using this tool, you can add subscribers to your email list very fast. You can do that by motivating people to join your email list from different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs.

About The Owners Of Niche Profit Full Control

The guy’s behind Niche Profit Full Control are Bobby Mcless and Adam Short. Credited with yet another successful program, the Niche Profit Classroom, the duo are quite renowned in the internet marketing circles. These and much more products by the same creators have forked over 32,000 individuals over time. All these products are successful and highly adored by many buyers.

There are a few things that separate these creators from other self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus. For instance, these two individuals have lots of experience generating income online with their original ideas. You’re likely to find that most of the gurus repeat the same topics over and over again but the same can’t be said for these 2 individuals.

The Founder’s run their own websites successfully and make a lot of money from doing so. They have successfully launched products in the market for the last 6 or 7 years. They have garnered amazing reputation especially because their products are of high quality and offered at affordable prices.

Pros & Cons Of Niche Profit Full Control


  • You get valuable information for free.
  • The owner of the program is a successful marketer and has built a good reputation online.
  • The program teaches you good principles that can help you become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • Niche Profit Control training program is concise, clear and easy for anyone to follow.


  • Even though the program offers free information, you still have to pay to get a domain name, Facebook ads traffic, web hosting platform and auto-responder.
  • They use sales tactics such as shortage of spaces to convince people to sign up without doing their research.
  • Adam Short’s claim that you will make five figures within 60 to 90 days is outrageous.

My Final Conclusion On Niche Profit Full Controlniche-profit-full-control-review

So, is Niche Profit Full Control program a scam? To be honest, this program is not a scam.

There are lots of downsides about this program like the high price to join, but that does not make it a scam.

You can find cheaper alternatives available online, which is why I don’t fully recommend the Niche Profit Full Control program.

However, some of these affiliate training programs require monthly subscriptions, which if you add up, is more than what Adam Short is charging for his program.

With that said, you might still end up paying more than the $1497 fee when you join the Niche Profit Full Control program.

This is because they require an extra fee for Facebook ads fee in addition to other methods which doesn’t come cheap.

I find this ridiculous, but you can choose to do this stuff on your own if you want to avoid the extra cost.

Adam Short’s claim that you can make 5 figures income within 60 to 90 days is misleading to say the least.

There is no guarantee that you will make that kind of money even if you apply his eight training modules.

I don’t recommend you spend $1500 to join this program with the mentality that you will be making 5 figures within three months.

TOP RECOMMENDATION: Get my #1 Rated Opportunity Online, SIGNUP $0!

Niche Profit Full Control At A Glance

Name: Niche Profit Full Control


Price: $1,500

Owners: Adam Short & Robert Mcleesniche-profit-full-control-review

Overall Rank: 86 out of 100


Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope that I was able to help you with some un-answered questions that you may have had.

I would love to have any of your questions and/or comments left below and I will get back with you soon.


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AWOL Academy Review – Are the courses worth the heavy price tag?

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AWOL Academy ReviewAWOL-Academy-review

Name: AWOL Academy



  • Pro Academy – $99
  • Inbox Academy – $447
  • Conversion Academy – $1797
  • Traffic Academy – $2,997
  • Master’s Academy – $5,497
  • AWOL Elite — $9,997

Owner: Keala Kanae

Overall Rank: 82 out of 100

AWOL Academy offers courses that teach you the “in’s and out’s” of Internet Marketing. The program teaches you how to optimize your marketing efforts online so you can make a significant income with your online business.

Basically, the business model that AWOL Academy teaches you is online marketing, using paid advertising.

In my review I will be covering the following:

  • courses and there prices
  • a brief description of each course
  • about the owner
  • pros & cons
  • my personal thoughts and conclusion
  • some GREAT options for YOU to take advantage of…

Join me in getting the proper tools and techniques it takes in becoming an Authority.

Become a success Online – SIGNUP for $0.

The Courses & Their Price – Offered in AWOL Academy…

The company offers 5 main courses and 1 elite course for you to choose from. Here is AWOL Academy’s rundown of each course:

#1. Pro Academy: Is specially designed with the complete beginner in mind. In this comprehensive, 5 module course, you’ll be guided step-by-step, click-by-click, through the process of building and designing your very own automated sales funnel.

From buying your domain, to setting up your hosting, email marketing, and tracking software all the way to having a 100% complete and fully automated sales funnel to help you sell more of your product/service.

This program’s price is $99.

#2. Inbox Academy: Empowers you with all the latest strategies and formulas for maximizing your email open and click-through rates enabling you to extract the maximum amount of sales from your current subscriber list.

Discover our unique “tricks” that get more opens, builds a ravenous following, and commands your readers to take action on whatever you’re promoting.

The program’s price is $447.

#3. Conversion Academy: Discover the science of “Hypnotic Sales” and Persuasion, how to sell using stories, how to create high-converting live webinars, and more. Whether you want to write better emails, sales copy, VSLs, make more compelling videos, or just be better at closing over the phone, these techniques will render your prospects powerless – incapable of resisting your “buying commands”.

This program’s price is $1,797.

#4. Traffic Academy: AWOL Academy’s “secret strategies”for generating quality leads for as little as $0.17. We’ll walk you through every aspect of the Facebook™ Ads platform including creating Fan Pages optimized for conversion, Facebook™ business ads accounts, using the ‘Power Editor’, targeting, retargeting, and so much more… If you’d like to have your sales funnels overflowing with fresh, hot leads daily, Traffic Academy is the ONLY option for you.

This program’s price is $2,997.

#5. Masters Academy: Is solely reserved for those aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to master both the inner and outer game of business and marketing.

Inside, you’ll uncover mindset training to equip yourself to overcome any obstacle and tear through and challenges you’ll inevitably run into. You’ll also learn how the super-wealthy manage their money for long-term financial freedom, i.e. putting you money to work for you. If you’re serious about leaving a financial legacy that lasts long after you’re gone, this is the training for you.

This program’s price is $5,497.

#6. AWOL Elite: Elite Mastermind is reserved for our most serious clients who know that Building, Growing, and Scaling Online Businesses is the key to creating a lifestyle by their own design. It is for the Wise Marketer that understands the value of peaking behind the curtain to see exactly what’s working now on a week by week basis with personalized group coaching from an experienced marketer.

This level of training and guidance can not be found anywhere else in the world. And it is the sole reason why we are able to Guarantee our Elite mastermind clients results.

This Program’s price is $9,997.AWOL-Academy-review

The courses feature instructional videos on topics such as: setting up a website, domain name purchases, lead generation, sales funnels, email campaigns, and more.

AWOL Academy teaches you how to drive traffic using paid advertising. The problem here is, you have to pay up-front for traffic, and it requires a decent budget, to be effective.

For example, Facebook will spend your daily budget regardless of your conversion rates. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making money or not. They will spend your money.

Yes, I am sure you’ve clicked on a Facebook ad and it took you to a similar kind of landing page & email sequence.

In the course, you are taught to use landing pages to collect people’s emails so that you can email them different offers over time. Sound familiar?

Yes the core strategy itself works.

I do it myself, when appropriate.

However, the problem with AWOL’s strategy is relying on paid traffic.

Paid traffic means you have to convert at a certain percentage or you are losing money.

My recommended way to generate traffic to your website is through Keyword Research and creating quality content. You are able to get natural rankings in the search engines and FREE traffic to your site/blog.

About The Owner – Kaela Kanae

Kaela Kanae may not be an expert affiliate marketer, but he is someone that developed very good skills in being able to sell courses. His compelling video ads is just one example that displays his skills. There’s nothing wrong with that, you should do whatever produces the maximum results as a skilled marketer, just not my favorite method.

He appears pretty confident and charismatic in his videos. The mansion in the backdrop, offering entry point products at a low cost, and then selling his higher ticket items on the back end. All tried & tested marketing techniques that he has learned from online marketing.

All I’m saying is that his skills seem disproportionately greater at selling courses than actually doing the business that he teaches, which is affiliate marketing.

The Pros & Cons

I do believe that if a product or service does not have both likes and dis-likes then a person is not being completely honest with themselves, or more importantly, their viewers. Let’s go over a few things that we like and dis-like about AWOL Academy…


  • In-depth Tutorials (some of them)
  • Expert Coaching/Support
  • Practice Affiliate Marketing
  • 14 Day Money-back Gaurantee


  • The Expensive Price Of Each Course
  • Practice Paid Advertising
  • Pushy Upsells
  • Some Program Details Hidden (not disclosed up-front at purchase)

If you want to be able to earn a living online, you need to go where the demand is and that is Internet Marketing. There are a number of programs to help you learn how to do just that, such as one of my favorites (get my full review), Wealthy Affiliate University, for a fraction of the cost.

My AWOL Academy Review – Thoughts and Conclusion

AWOL Academy appears to be a legitimate Internet Marketing, Education, and Mentoring Platform. However, the courses are very expensive compared to other similar offerings. There is no guarantee that you will make any significant income from your online business with the program.

When going through the AWOL course I couldn’t help but think most of the training was too basic for anyone to really produce great results with it.

I feel like their training is a bit too broad at times.

It teaches you the mechanics of how to run an affiliate marketing business, using Paid Ads & Email Marketing, but fails to get very specific as to what niches to target like:

  • What kind of ads work for that niche?
  • How to make sure your ads get shown to premium traffic?

I feel like AWOL Academy tries to teach you how to market any product/offer under the sun.

I don’t think that’s a good approach for beginner’s, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Since the course teaches you to use paid advertising to generate traffic, a student must have some budgets put aside. It is very easy to spend more money on ads than what you make in sales. Especially if every single detail is not fine-tuned to perfection. Very challenging, to pull it off and it does require much further training in my opinion.

Ultimately I urge people to build their online business using free traffic because that’s actually the longterm strategy where you can produce consistent results.

Yeah the results can take some time to build but this is why impatient people do not succeed in business.

Yea you can make quick sale here and there if you use paid advertising, but at the end of the day, Ads is going to take big portions of your money and you’ll end up working harder and making less with this business model… trust me on that.

AWOL Academy At A Glance:AWOL-Academy-review

Name: AWOL Academy



  • Pro Academy – $99
  • Inbox Academy – $447
  • Conversion Academy – $1797
  • Traffic Academy – $2,997
  • Master’s Academy – $5,497
  • AWOL Elite — $9,997

Owner: Keala Kanae

Overall Rank: 82 out of 100AWOL-Academy-review


Success Online

This whole journey of living the laptop lifestyle can get quite confusing to people. Every day there’s new gurus that pop up in your news feed or YouTube video ads that promise you the life with their new secret formula!

How often are we bombarded with these ads these days?

Making money online is not easy or else everybody will be doing it, but it is actually quite simple. Let me explain… Being able to make money on your own, without working for someone else, all comes down to how much value that you are able to deliver to the marketplace.

The value you can bring to the marketplace is determined by your skills. People get stuck reading one self-development book after another and wonder why their bank account is still empty. Mindset is only part of the equation.

If you want a place that you can get everything you need to be successful online then listen. I am recommending you take action and follow me to my TOP Platform. Not only will you have access to the training and techniques, along with 10,000’s of other members, you will have access to my expert help as well. ====>>>> SIGNUP HERE, $0!

I would also like to know if you are truly ready to start your online journey? I have something unique and very helpful to the one’s that reply to me:

Send an email to me personally at the address above convincing me that you are ready to become successful online and you are willing to put forth your effort.

Please leave any questions or comments that you have below and I will get back to you very soon. Thank you for your time in reading my review on AWOL Academy. I hope that I am able to help you along in your decision.

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is it worth the price tag?

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Reviewaffiliate-marketing-mastery-stefan-pylarinos

Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery


Price: $1,997 or three payments of $767

Owner: Stefan Pylarinos

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

I am assuming that you are here searching for ways to become successful online, am I right?

I thought so, and although we are going to be reviewing Affiliate Marketing Mastery, I do want to say something…

I really recommend the Affiliate Marketing model for making money online, especially for beginners. It’s easy to use and with the right training, you can earn your desired passive income using your passion or your interest. You can join me and get the proper training and techniques at my #1 choice. Get started for $0.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get into Affiliate Marketing Mastery…

Stefan Pylarinos is known as the creator behind the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program although Project Life Mastery Inc is disclosed as the entity who currently owns and operates their domain.

Covering the different modules, which we will further explain below, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery comes with a heavy price tag of $1,997 or with 3 payment installments of $767.

The focus of this unbiased and comprehensive review is to provide intuitive insight into the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program and to help you to decide whether it is truly worth the price.

Let’s jump in…

What Does Affiliate Marketing Mastery Offer?

What’s IncludedAffiliate Marketing Mastery consists of a 7 module training program that hosts a collection of over 50 tutorial based videos. In addition, with each lesson would be a downloadable PDF transcript along with a summary regarding the main concepts covered throughout the lesson.

Below are the following modules, along with some key topics, covered through Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

#1. Preface & Formulating a Strategy – was constructed to provide users with an introduction to affiliate marketing, how to develop and implement an effective plan of attack along with help tweak your mindset to constructively build your business.

#2. Keyword Density & Market Research – goes over the selection process in regard to choosing an effective niche, how to analyze your competitors along with how to optimize keywords.

#3. Blog & Social Media Creation – Users will learn how to create and maintain their own site, how to employ social media pages as part of their game plan along with how to incorporate beginner SEO fundamentals.

#4. The focus of this module is how to generate content of high quality to attract, maintain and maximize site retention.

#5. Module five is based around the principles of incorporating more advanced SEO tactics, along with how to obtain a strong email list and social media following.

#6. Perhaps the most imperative module discussed, this module provides insight on how to capitalize and earn revenue from people that you have attracted to your site, your audience.

#7. Learning how to track your pages performance and develop strategies to combat lacking campaigns that are falling behind are the subjects addressed in this module. In addition, a 90-day email coaching program is offered along with 3 hour long weekly webinars to further address the many complexities associated with developing strategies to strengthen campaigns.

As you can see there is some great content covered in the different modules, so let’s dig a little deeper.

About The Owneraffiliate-marketing-mastery-review

Stefan Pylarinos, who appears to be a popular online marketer, is also known for the creation of K Money Master.

Owned and operated by a transparent entity while possessing little negative feedback, despite their time in the affiliate marketing niche, leaves me to conclude that Affiliate Marketing Mastery appears to be trustworthy.

The Pros & Cons

Affiliate Marketing Mastery appears to have lost reputability over the past couple of years, according to market intelligence reports, which is certainly a characteristic one does not want to have when considering joining an affiliate training program that will be accompanied by additional and unaccounted for expenditures.


  • In-depth training
  • No false promises (do not try to sell the get-rich-quick scheme)
  • Owner has a big reputation
  • Support
  • 30 Day money back guarantee


  • The price
  • No domain registry
  • No hosting
  • No keyword research tool

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

For those of you who prefer to learn on your own while having the capital to spare, then Affiliate Marketing Mastery could be a viable and constructive opportunity for you to utilize.

I do suggest that you go see my review to MY TOP PLATFORM before committing to anything. It is an all-in-one program for a fraction of the cost and has a FREE Starter Membership.

My Final Opinion On Affiliate Marketing Mastery…

I do think that someone starting in affiliate marketing could learn from Affiliate Marketing Mastery. There is valuable tutorials throughout the program that a person is able to learn from.

However, I do not believe that it is worth the $2,000 price tag that comes along with it. Although I do believe that it is a legit program, I do recommend you take a look at the platform that I started with online. I am still with the same program and it is for anyone from a beginner to expert.

My TOP program is equipped with all the training, tools, and techniques you need to start, continue, and/or grow your online success. You can join me for $0, just SIGNUP HERE

Affiliate Marketing Mastery At A Glance

Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery


Price: $1,997 or three payments of $767affiliate-marketing-mastery-review

Owner: Stefan Pylarinos

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


I hope that you enjoyed this review and it helps you on your journey in succeeding online.  I would love to hear your experience or opinion with Affiliate Marketing Mastery just leave them in the comments below.

Also, if you have ANY questions about your journey online just leave them below and I will get back with you soon.

Thanks Again!

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Welcome to

I am the Founder/Owner of and I have created this website to give my audience the opportunity they have been looking for.

Now with me, I have always been up-set by all the scams and products out there.  I would prefer to be able to try something before I have to pay for it.  That is why on my site, I only recommend products/services that are either completely free or free to try before you spend a penny out of your pocket.

Are you tired of trying to start business online and failing to find a LEGIT opportunity?


If your answer is yes then you are going to want to give me just a minute or two of your time to take a look around.  I am going to do my best to help show you how to get started online in the next few minutes.

If you are like most, and myself in the beginning, then trying to achieve success online just seems impossible.  You seem to run into something catching you up around every corner and the pieces to the puzzle just will not go together.  Am I right?

That happens to most (myself as well when I was starting) when they attempt to start a business online, it is just pure confusion and aggravating.

That is why I am here.

May I Ask A Question?

What has stopped you from achieving your success online?  Is it because you are afraid of failure?  Be completely honest with me, and YOURSELF, and let’s get to the bottom of what is stopping you from this massive opportunity that awaits you… I would love to hear what your road block is. Just drop it in the comments section below and let’s overcome it…

Can I Show You For $0…

We are here to help you grow.  Let us show you the path to success online.  Join us and have a look around.  If you can not find what you are looking for then just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you… You can also Email me personally:

To join me and get the proper Training & Techniques just SIGNUP HERE!


Warm Regards,

George Fisher


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Find Keywords For A Website – Learn to get natural rankings and increase traffic

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While Google keeps us on our toes with all the algorithm updates they keep rolling’ out, one thing has stayed pretty find-keywords-for-a-website-learn-to-get-natural-rankings-and-increase-trafficconsistent for inbound marketers looking to optimize their websites for search: keyword research.

Well, the need to do keyword research has stayed the same. How you actually do it hasn’t.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is when people use keywords to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The knowledge about these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, or marketing strategy.

I’m going to lay out a keyword research process you can follow to help you come up with and narrow down a list of terms you should be targeting.

That way, you’ll be able to establish and execute a strong keyword strategy that helps you get found for the search terms you actually care about.

How To Research Keywords For Your SEO Strategy

Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business.

Think about the topics you want to rank for in terms of generic buckets. You’ll come up with about 5-10 topic buckets you think are important to your business, and then you’ll use those topic buckets to help come up with some specific keywords later in the process.

If you’re a regular blogger or own a website, these are probably the topics you write about most frequently. Or maybe they are the topics that come up the most in conversations. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer personas, and/or your targeted traffic and visitors that is and will be visiting your blog and/or website.

What types of topics would your target audience search that you would want your business to get found for?

If you were a company selling marketing software, you might have general topic buckets like inbound marketing, blogging, email marketing, lead generation, SEO, social media, marketing analytics, and marketing automation.

Make sense? Of course, it does, you want to have topics that your target audience will be searching for.

Fill in those topic buckets with keywords.find-keywords-for-a-website-learn-to-get-natural-rankings-and-more-traffic

Now that you have a few topic buckets you want to focus on, it’s time to identify some keywords that fall into those buckets. These are keyword phrases you think are important to rank for in the SERP’s (search engine results pages) because your target customer is probably conducting searches for those specific terms.

For instance, if I took that last topic bucket for an inbound marketing software company — “marketing automation” — I’d brainstorm some keyword phrases that I think people would type in related to that topic. Those might include:

  • marketing automation tools
  • how to use marketing automation software
  • what is marketing automation
  • how to tell if I need marketing automation software
  • lead nurturing
  • email marketing automation
  • top automation tools

And so on and so on. The point of this step is not to come up with your final list of keyword phrases — you just want to end up with a few phrases you think potential customers might use to search for content related to that particular topic bucket. We’ll narrow the lists down later in the process so you don’t have something to far widely searched.

The more specific we get with our targeted keyword phrases, the more conversions we will have.

Research related search terms.find-keywords-for-a-website-learn-to-get-natural-rankings-and-traffic

This is a creative step you may have already thought of when doing keyword research. If not, it’s a great way to fill out those lists.

If you’re struggling to think of more keywords people might be searching about a specific topic, go to and take a look at the related search terms that appear when you plug in a keyword.

When you type in your phrase and scroll to the bottom of Google’s results, you’ll notice some suggestions for searches related to your original input. These keywords can spark ideas for other keywords you may want to take into consideration.

Check for a mix of head terms and long-tail keywords in each bucket.

If you don’t know the difference between head terms and long-tail keywords, let me explain. Head terms are keywords phrases that are generally shorter and more generic. They’re typically just one to three words in length, depending on who you talk to. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are longer keyword phrases usually containing three or more words.

It’s important to check that you have a mix of head terms and long-tail terms because it’ll give you a keyword strategy that’s well-balanced with long-term goals and short-term wins. That’s because head terms are generally searched more frequently, making them often much more competitive and harder to rank for than long-tail terms. Think about it… Without even looking up search volume or difficulty, which of the following terms do you think would be harder to rank for?

  1. How to research keywords?
  2. Keywords

If you answered #2, you’re absolutely right. But don’t get discouraged. While head terms generally boast the most search volume (meaning greater potential to send you traffic), frankly, the traffic you’ll get from the term “how to research keywords” is usually more desirable.


Because someone who is looking for something that specific is probably a much more qualified searcher for your product or service than someone looking for something really generic. And because long-tail keywords tend to be more specific, it’s usually easier to tell what people who search for those keywords are really looking for. Someone searching for the head term “keywords,” on the other hand, could be searching it for a whole list of reasons unrelated to your business or topic.

So check your keyword lists to make sure you have a healthy mix of head terms and long-tail keywords. You definitely want some quick wins that long-tail keywords will afford you, but you should also try to chip away at more difficult head terms over the long haul.

See How Competitors Are Ranking For These Keywords

Just because your competitor is doing something does not mean you need to. The same goes for keywords. Just because a keyword is important to your competitor, doesn’t mean it’s important to you. However, understanding what keywords your competitors are trying to rank for is a great way to help you give your list of keywords another evaluation.

If your competitor is ranking for certain keywords that are on your list, it definitely makes sense to work on improving your ranking for those. However, don’t ignore the ones your competitors don’t seem to care about. This could be a great opportunity for you to own market share on important terms.

Understanding the balance of terms that might be a little more difficult due to competition, versus those terms that are a little more realistic, will help you maintain a similar balance that the mix of long-tail and head terms allows. Remember, the goal is to end up with a list of keywords that provide some quick wins but also helps you make progress toward bigger, more challenging SEO goals.

How do you figure out what keywords your competitors are ranking for, you ask? Aside from manually searching for find-keywords-for-a-website-learn-to-get-natural-rankings-and-more-traffickeywords in an incognito browser and seeing what positions your competitors are in, Jaaxy allows you to run reports that show you the top keyword phrases for the keyword you enter. This is a quick way to get a sense of the types of terms your competitors are ranking for.

Use the Jaaxy Keyword Research To Cut Down Your Keyword List

Now that you’ve got the right mix of keywords, it’s time to narrow down your lists with some more descriptive data. You have a lot of tools at your disposal to do this, but let me share my favorite keyword search tool with you.

In Jaaxy you can get search volume and traffic estimates for keywords you’re considering. Jaaxy allows you to do many things and it is arguably the best research tool available on the market today.

I will tell you that the starter membership is FREE! You can find out all about it below and sign up for your Free membership, or one of the two Premium memberships. I do urge you to check it out and with it being free, what have you got to lose?

>>>See My Review On Jaaxy For Keyword Research<<<

And … You’re done!

Congratulations! You’ve now got a list of keywords that will help you focus on the right topics for your business, and get you some short-term and long-term gains.

>>>I show you how to effectively use keywords for your best SEO results here<<<

Be sure to re-evaluate these keywords every few months. Once a quarter is a good, but some businesses like to do it even more often than that. As you gain even more authority in the SERPs, you’ll find that you can add more and more keywords to your lists to tackle as you work on maintaining your current presence, and then growing in new areas on top of that.

I should take this opportunity to add that if you want to join up to WealthyAffiliate, you get the best training available. You can also create and host multiple websites there, or transfer websites you currently own to be hosted there, and you can still join up with Jaaxy, but you get the opportunity to upgrade to either Pro or Enterprise membership for HALF PRICE! You can also stay with the starter membership, known as Jaaxy lite, as part of joining Wealthy Affiliate. For details of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and what it is, please feel free to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

I do want to thank you for taking the time to read my article and I do hope that I was able to help you out in what you were looking for.

I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts about Jaaxy and its capabilities so if you do not mind please leave a comment below, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there are ANY questions you may have leave them below as well and I will get back to you soon.

Thank You,


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What Is A Niche — Fine-Tuning Your Business

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I know you are probably wondering what in the world is a niche or niche website? So if you are reading this than you probwhat-is-a-niche-fine-tuning-your-businessably want to get you an online business started and you keep hearing about picking your niche. Am I right? I would say that I am pretty close, so I am going to break it down and explain.

In this article we will be going over:

  • What is a Niche
  • How to pick your Niche
  • Narrowing it down
  • Do Niche Websites work
  • Finding topics to create for your Niche

What Is A Niche

It was not long ago that this very same thing was going across my mind. As if it is not enough already trying to learn things for your online business to get going, you keep wondering what this Niche is that you keep getting told time after time about. Figure out what your niche is going to be then we can go from their. I know…

A niche website is an online resource that focuses on a particular interest, topic or theme that is common to a narrow group of people in a larger market.

While targeting a very specific term that people type into the search engines, google for instance, a niche site offers its visitors helpful and quality content that aims to answer a question or to solve a problem that those searchers share among themselves.

Take trucks for example…

The “Truck” market encompasses all the different types of trucks you can think of. For example: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota and so on. That’s not all though, you have truck parts, truck tires, truck mirrors, you see where I am going with this?

In short, the “Truck” market relates to everything about trucks.

Why Is It So Important to Have a Very Specific Focus?

Importance Of A Specific Niche

If your aim is to generate passive income from your website, then it is very important that you understand what all of this stuffwhat-is-a-niche-fine-tuning-your-business truly represents.

Your niche site’s main keyword really needs to be very focused, very specific.


Let me explain…

See how trucks is a niche, truck tires is a niche, etc. The more you break down your niche to be more specific, the more conversions you will have. Going after larger, broader markets is not going to good especially just starting out. You want to narrow it down a bit.

So say you want to sell trucks (I am just using trucks as an example, you can apply this to anything).

A subset of that market would be the “Chevy Trucks” niche which is everything that relates to just that. Now we have it narrowed down from anything to do with any kind of truck to just Chevy trucks. You get the idea.

You could narrow that down even further to a specific set of tires or a certain kind of exhaust system. I think you can see where I am going and the more specific you are, the more that the traffic to your site or blog will be ready to make a purchase. You catch someone just typing in trucks on google then more than likely they are just fishing around and not really ready to make a purchase.

Say someone was looking at Chevy trucks, they know what make of truck they like, but still yet they would not be decided. Think if someone typed in 2019 Chevy Silverado, Z-71 off-road 4×4, 1500 series, low miles… Or four Super Swamper Tires, 35×12.50×16″… They are targeting a certain kind so that tells you that they are ready to buy that particular item or brand. That would also be what you call keyword phrase. To learn about keywords and phrases click here.

What Is the Goal of a Niche Website

Almost anything you can think of is a niche and that is why we are going to get you to choose YOUR niche based on things that you are interested in. You can earn money online from absolutely every single niche because their are billions of people out their searching for information, for solutions, and spending billions of dollars or products/services every day.

The idea of a niche can be a little confusing at first, so I have a video walk-through for this lesson that is going to walk you through what a niche is, how you earn money through a niche, and I will get you choosing your initial direction online.

Check out the video below.


You want to be able to present your visitors with helpful and quality content that addresses whatever it is that your Niche is.

Say you were going to be building a niche site targeting the “2019 Chevy Silverado 4×4” keyphrase, or “17 inch Mud Tires.”

You would then have to create quality content discussing and reviewing that particular kind of truck or truck tire. See people are searching for things that they need or something that will make their life easier. You want to be able to help them understand why your truck or your tire is going to do that for them.

Always remember that you are helping people, NOT selling things. When you do sell something that is the plus of being able to educate someone about your Niche and ultimately make their life easier. You do not want to approach your visitors by trying to sell them something at every turn.

They will leave your site and go to one that gives them information about what they are looking for.

Choosing Your Direction

When choosing your Niche you want to pick something that you are passionate about, know a lot about, or wanting to learn about. You have to remember that you are going to have to research and write quality content. Therefore, you want it to be something you will not get burned out on in a months time.

Select the niche that interests you most and gets you the most excited.

A few things that you should understand about niches are:

  • You are going to be writing content within your niche
  • You are going to be communicating within your niche
  • You are going to be choosing products to promote within your niche
  • You are going to get to help people within your niche.
  • Your first niche PROBABLY won’t be your last (so don’t worry about it being perfect)
  • Any SINGLE niche website can become a “full time” income/business

There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche.

Do Niche Websites Work

The answer is yes.

Niche sites definitely still work and they’ll keep on working for a long time, forever!

In fact, they deliver faster results and easier to get started at and run than most online business models.

Do you need a website?

You can see my review on my #1 platform. It is my top choice for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers. You can get 2 FREE WEBSITES by taking action and signing up at my #1 choice for WEBSITE CREATION, HOSTING, MANAGING, SUPPORT, & TRAINING!

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It Doesn’t Take That Longwhat-is-a-niche-fine-tuning-your-business

You can always change your niche down the road. Just because you are choosing a niche now does not mean you will be in this particular niche forever. Either way, please do not spend forever choosing your niche.

Within the next 15-30 minutes you should have your “starting point” niche chosen.

You have any questions about your niche, feel free to leave a question below and I will be more than happy to help you out. You already have an idea for your niche and don’t mind sharing, I would love to hear it. You would like to know what I think about a niche you have picked, just ask me and I will get back to you very soon.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope that it was helpful for you and answered your questions you had, and if not just let me know in the comments box below.

Thank You


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