Affiliate Marketing – The inspiration that led to my dream!

Working from home can bring on a load of benefits, for example: no commute, less stress, in many cases, fewer distractions,Affiliate-Marketing-The-inspiration-that-led-to-my-dream! and financial savings. Working from home as a parent ups the ante with the benefit of more time for your children.

Working parents probably agree that time is short with your cherished. Especially when you have to rush out the door early in the morning to spend eight or more hours at your job.

Becoming a work-at-home parent can bridge the gap between needing to work and not spending all of your time doing so.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite success stories from a man that was my inspiration for getting started in the online world to begin with.

His name is Mike…

In all seriousness, I’ve never become fully comfortable talking or writing about myself. It just feels weird and often times it feels like I’m bragging and just being narcissistic. When I talk about the success I’ve had in affiliate marketing, I also get nasty flashbacks of days past. You see, I have an embarrassing confession to make…

I used to get suckered into get-rich-quick garbage. You know the ones I’m talking about. The “guru’s” that stand in front of their Lamborgini’s holding 6 figure checks, promising they will tell you their “secret” or “system” that of course, anyone can do with very little effort? Yeah, those guys. I’m sad to say, I got suckered into more than a couple of those.

It was a struggle! I went through all those years of school, and not only did I get a high school diploma, I even managed to squeak out a college degree! Wooooooo!!

I did what any reasonable person would do at this point. I got a fancy office job and immediately added to my student loan debt by buying a $30,000 sports car with no money down.

My fancy office job turned out to be a glorified telemarketer position. Two miserable years later, I got laid off in the midst of the worst economic recession since the great depression with more than $50k in debt between my student loans and the new car, along with some additional credit card debt I racked up. Fun.

To top it all off, I realized very quickly that working in an office building was going to slowly kill me via mental torture. I was a depressed and broke recent college grad with 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. This was not a fun time for me.  You can read Mike’s full story here:

After much consideration, Mike decided to do something drastic. In a time when he had nothing left financially, he decided to become an over the road truck driver.

“So much for that fancy college degree, right?!” His words!

After blogging on TruckingTruth for a while, documenting all of his experience as a truck driver, and learning the ropes, is Affiliate-Marketing-The-inspiration-that-led-to-my-dream!when the thought came and he decided to create his own website and see how it goes!

For the next 6 months Mike spent every free second he had writing content for his site. Whether it was loading or unloading with freight, he was writing. After a long 11-hour day Mike even wrote an article or two.

Then, it finally happened. One day, I earned a $7 commission. I was totally floored! It took me 6 months to make that first $7, but it proved to me that it really is possible to make money online. All I had to do was keep going, and keep going I did!

Quitting My Job And Becoming A Full-Time Affiliate Marketer

Just 11 months after starting my site, and just 5 months after earning my first commission, I was earning about $2k per month online. Things were really snowballing at this point. I decided to take yet another chance in life. I quit my full-time job as a truck driver and got a part-time freelancing job to help supplement my own affiliate marketing income until I could grow it further.

I then began to expand by building up even more sites. First, I took earnings from my first site and purchased a site called Then I created,,,, along with several other smaller “micro-niche” sites.

After about 14 months of working as a part-time freelancer, I finally quit doing that as well and was able to focus on my own business full-time. I was also nearly debt-free at this point. A dream come true, all because of affiliate marketing!

Getting Back On The Road!

A huge reason Mike wanted to succeed at affiliate marketing is due to the freedom it provides. As he was initially growing his business back when he was still driving a truck, “I used to look at the RV’s driving down the road in envy” he would say.

Total freedom. Being able to go where he wanted, when he wanted, stay as long as he wanted, and really travel in style. That was his ultimate goal, and he could now make it happen.

Mike purchased a used truck in good condition, a brand new travel trailer, and hit the road again, this time in style!


The lifestyle affiliate marketing has provided him with has been nothing short of a dream.

No doubt, succeeding with affiliate marketing has taken a lot of effort, but it has also provided him with unmatched freedom.

What do you think?

I just don’t know of any other job that can give this type of freedom and pay this well.

Sounds like a opportunity that every person wants.

Well, the truth is, it is a dream of everyone to be able to do the things they enjoy, be debt free, make your own schedule, be your own boss, go where you want to go.

It is possible for anyone and that includes YOU. I shared this story because it was the one that hits close to home and made me realize that I can do this too.

I started with absolutely NO computer or online skills whatsoever.

What does that mean?

I Never Thought

You, too, could become an affiliate marketing success story if you really want this bad enough.

Mike never thought he would be an affiliate marketing success story. All he wanted was to earn just enough to get by without having to work for someone else. He was even willing to settle for a decent part-time income that could just supplement with a low-stress part-time job.

This is the last thing that I had seen from Mike before I decided to take that leap:

“I know this saying is overused quite a bit, but if I can do this, you can, too.”

Am I glad that I used his story for an inspiration?


I am currently adding to my story as you read this and I am hoping that one day my story will help inspire someone’s life as Mike’s has mine.

Want To Learn More?

I simply wanted to share my inspirational success story with you, hopefully, to help motivate you and show you that making money online is totally possible.

I hope I also showed that Affiliate Marketers do not have to be some extraordinary person and no smarter than you.

Mike is just a regular guy that happened to stick with something for a while and believe that it would work.

Was he just lucky?

Maybe, but I have been able to replicate this. I will be sharing my own success story sometime soon. I feel that there are a few things that I want to finish before it gets published, but I promise it will be soon!

I want to share this with you so that you are able to start your success story. Make sure you click the link below:

Here is a free tutorial on how to start an affiliate marketing website/blog.

Not ready to start your blog or website yet? You don’t have to. affiliate-marketing-the-inspiration-that-led-to-my-dream

Become a part of the community and just get a feel for things. You can ask questions, learn the different things involved, see the potential…

I would recommend at least taking a look at it, IT IS FREE to sign up.

I hope that this has give you some sort of inspiration and shined the light on a few things and the most important being: Anyone can do it!

If there are any questions about getting started online then just drop them in the comments thread below this post and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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