AWOL Academy Review – Are the courses worth the heavy price tag?

AWOL Academy ReviewAWOL-Academy-review

Name: AWOL Academy



  • Pro Academy – $99
  • Inbox Academy – $447
  • Conversion Academy – $1797
  • Traffic Academy – $2,997
  • Master’s Academy – $5,497
  • AWOL Elite — $9,997

Owner: Keala Kanae

Overall Rank: 82 out of 100

AWOL Academy offers courses that teach you the “in’s and out’s” of Internet Marketing. The program teaches you how to optimize your marketing efforts online so you can make a significant income with your online business.

Basically, the business model that AWOL Academy teaches you is online marketing, using paid advertising.

In my review I will be covering the following:

  • courses and there prices
  • a brief description of each course
  • about the owner
  • pros & cons
  • my personal thoughts and conclusion
  • some GREAT options for YOU to take advantage of…

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The Courses & Their Price – Offered in AWOL Academy…

The company offers 5 main courses and 1 elite course for you to choose from. Here is AWOL Academy’s rundown of each course:

#1. Pro Academy: Is specially designed with the complete beginner in mind. In this comprehensive, 5 module course, you’ll be guided step-by-step, click-by-click, through the process of building and designing your very own automated sales funnel.

From buying your domain, to setting up your hosting, email marketing, and tracking software all the way to having a 100% complete and fully automated sales funnel to help you sell more of your product/service.

This program’s price is $99.

#2. Inbox Academy: Empowers you with all the latest strategies and formulas for maximizing your email open and click-through rates enabling you to extract the maximum amount of sales from your current subscriber list.

Discover our unique “tricks” that get more opens, builds a ravenous following, and commands your readers to take action on whatever you’re promoting.

The program’s price is $447.

#3. Conversion Academy: Discover the science of “Hypnotic Sales” and Persuasion, how to sell using stories, how to create high-converting live webinars, and more. Whether you want to write better emails, sales copy, VSLs, make more compelling videos, or just be better at closing over the phone, these techniques will render your prospects powerless – incapable of resisting your “buying commands”.

This program’s price is $1,797.

#4. Traffic Academy: AWOL Academy’s “secret strategies”for generating quality leads for as little as $0.17. We’ll walk you through every aspect of the Facebook™ Ads platform including creating Fan Pages optimized for conversion, Facebook™ business ads accounts, using the ‘Power Editor’, targeting, retargeting, and so much more… If you’d like to have your sales funnels overflowing with fresh, hot leads daily, Traffic Academy is the ONLY option for you.

This program’s price is $2,997.

#5. Masters Academy: Is solely reserved for those aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to master both the inner and outer game of business and marketing.

Inside, you’ll uncover mindset training to equip yourself to overcome any obstacle and tear through and challenges you’ll inevitably run into. You’ll also learn how the super-wealthy manage their money for long-term financial freedom, i.e. putting you money to work for you. If you’re serious about leaving a financial legacy that lasts long after you’re gone, this is the training for you.

This program’s price is $5,497.

#6. AWOL Elite: Elite Mastermind is reserved for our most serious clients who know that Building, Growing, and Scaling Online Businesses is the key to creating a lifestyle by their own design. It is for the Wise Marketer that understands the value of peaking behind the curtain to see exactly what’s working now on a week by week basis with personalized group coaching from an experienced marketer.

This level of training and guidance can not be found anywhere else in the world. And it is the sole reason why we are able to Guarantee our Elite mastermind clients results.

This Program’s price is $9,997.AWOL-Academy-review

The courses feature instructional videos on topics such as: setting up a website, domain name purchases, lead generation, sales funnels, email campaigns, and more.

AWOL Academy teaches you how to drive traffic using paid advertising. The problem here is, you have to pay up-front for traffic, and it requires a decent budget, to be effective.

For example, Facebook will spend your daily budget regardless of your conversion rates. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making money or not. They will spend your money.

Yes, I am sure you’ve clicked on a Facebook ad and it took you to a similar kind of landing page & email sequence.

In the course, you are taught to use landing pages to collect people’s emails so that you can email them different offers over time. Sound familiar?

Yes the core strategy itself works.

I do it myself, when appropriate.

However, the problem with AWOL’s strategy is relying on paid traffic.

Paid traffic means you have to convert at a certain percentage or you are losing money.

My recommended way to generate traffic to your website is through Keyword Research and creating quality content. You are able to get natural rankings in the search engines and FREE traffic to your site/blog.

About The Owner – Kaela Kanae

Kaela Kanae may not be an expert affiliate marketer, but he is someone that developed very good skills in being able to sell courses. His compelling video ads is just one example that displays his skills. There’s nothing wrong with that, you should do whatever produces the maximum results as a skilled marketer, just not my favorite method.

He appears pretty confident and charismatic in his videos. The mansion in the backdrop, offering entry point products at a low cost, and then selling his higher ticket items on the back end. All tried & tested marketing techniques that he has learned from online marketing.

All I’m saying is that his skills seem disproportionately greater at selling courses than actually doing the business that he teaches, which is affiliate marketing.

The Pros & Cons

I do believe that if a product or service does not have both likes and dis-likes then a person is not being completely honest with themselves, or more importantly, their viewers. Let’s go over a few things that we like and dis-like about AWOL Academy…


  • In-depth Tutorials (some of them)
  • Expert Coaching/Support
  • Practice Affiliate Marketing
  • 14 Day Money-back Gaurantee


  • The Expensive Price Of Each Course
  • Practice Paid Advertising
  • Pushy Upsells
  • Some Program Details Hidden (not disclosed up-front at purchase)

If you want to be able to earn a living online, you need to go where the demand is and that is Internet Marketing. There are a number of programs to help you learn how to do just that, such as one of my favorites (get my full review), Wealthy Affiliate University, for a fraction of the cost.

My AWOL Academy Review – Thoughts and Conclusion

AWOL Academy appears to be a legitimate Internet Marketing, Education, and Mentoring Platform. However, the courses are very expensive compared to other similar offerings. There is no guarantee that you will make any significant income from your online business with the program.

When going through the AWOL course I couldn’t help but think most of the training was too basic for anyone to really produce great results with it.

I feel like their training is a bit too broad at times.

It teaches you the mechanics of how to run an affiliate marketing business, using Paid Ads & Email Marketing, but fails to get very specific as to what niches to target like:

  • What kind of ads work for that niche?
  • How to make sure your ads get shown to premium traffic?

I feel like AWOL Academy tries to teach you how to market any product/offer under the sun.

I don’t think that’s a good approach for beginner’s, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Since the course teaches you to use paid advertising to generate traffic, a student must have some budgets put aside. It is very easy to spend more money on ads than what you make in sales. Especially if every single detail is not fine-tuned to perfection. Very challenging, to pull it off and it does require much further training in my opinion.

Ultimately I urge people to build their online business using free traffic because that’s actually the longterm strategy where you can produce consistent results.

Yeah the results can take some time to build but this is why impatient people do not succeed in business.

Yea you can make quick sale here and there if you use paid advertising, but at the end of the day, Ads is going to take big portions of your money and you’ll end up working harder and making less with this business model… trust me on that.

AWOL Academy At A Glance:AWOL-Academy-review

Name: AWOL Academy



  • Pro Academy – $99
  • Inbox Academy – $447
  • Conversion Academy – $1797
  • Traffic Academy – $2,997
  • Master’s Academy – $5,497
  • AWOL Elite — $9,997

Owner: Keala Kanae

Overall Rank: 82 out of 100AWOL-Academy-review


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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Even though this program may be legit the price tag is very heavy which is a turn off to so many people. But Wealthy affiliate has a great program that anyone I believe could afford and the awesome thing about Wealthy Affiliate is what they teach us does work, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this review of AWOL Academy, George… it’s good to hear of programs such as this that are not scams as you see so many of them these days.

    I must admit, though, that they really are quite expensive, and I’m not sure if you are really going to get your money’s worth!

    I prefer your long-term strategy than going for these high priced trainings!

    Nice review 🙂

    1. Hi John, Thanks for taking the time to check my review out and leave your feedback. When our visitors leave comments, questions, and feedback it helps out towards learning what it is they are looking for and to make our site more user friendly.

      I believe this program and the courses are just way over priced for what they offer. That is the great thing about this, being able to help people on there journey to success.

      your friend,

  3. Hi there, I wish I would have come across your review before I invested any money on AWOL. I bought the course a while ago, just the basic, and even though I could not say it was bad, I felt cheated by the fact that to get somewhere I should have upgraded a lot and it is way too expensive for my budget.
    Thank you anyway, at least someone else will be able to know about it before they spend any big money on it.
    As you are suggesting I actually ended up Joining WA and its is the best thing I have everdone.

    1. Hello Barbara, Glad you read my review and left your feedback for others to take note of. Yes, WA not only gives you the training and support, there is a top-of-the-line Keyword Research Tool. It is not everyday, matter of fact ever, that you come across what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

      Thanks again, and if there is anyway that I can ever give you a hand inside the community, just give me a shout.

      warm regards,

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