Jaaxy – Review – Free Keyword Search

Jaaxy – Review – Free Keyword Search

What is Jaaxy? It’s a keyword search optimization site, that offers users an jaaxy-review-free-keyword-searchinsight into the most relevant keywords for their websites content.

That’s not all that the Jaaxy platform offers its members. You can also track your websites rank on the main search engines. Create keyword lists for future niche and writing ideas. View what topics and searches are trending on Google right now. Use the alphabet soup feature to help come up with new content ideas to write about on your site.

There is also a really cool affiliate program to join up to if you choose, where you can also promote Jaaxy, and earn money re-occurring monthly income, by referring people to sign up and join Jaaxy.

So imagine that you are creating a new piece of content for your site or business. You have passion, knowledge of your topic and you think you are creating a piece of work that your site visitors will want to engage with. The only problem is that your competitors may also be producing similar content on their sites, and they may have sites that have simply been around longer than yours with more information on it.

That means they are probably going to be ranking higher than you in the search engines, appearing above you on the search pages and getting the traffic you want coming to your site.

How Can Jaaxy Benefit You

Now just think if you had a tool that allows you to see how many similar Jaaxy-review-free-keyword-search-toolsites to yours are using the same title in your content. Imagine that you could search in advance for specific keywords relevant to your topic that had a high number of searches, but a much lower number of competitor sites using them? Wouldn’t that be a big help when creating content for your website? Yes it would be.

Add on top of that you could use the same platform to track where your own website or specific content was ranking in the major search engines–Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Are you getting the picture of how this tool can be very beneficial to you? I hope so. Knowing which keywords are going to help you rank higher and gain more traffic is so important to help grow you, your brand, and revenue for your online business.

When you head to google, or your choice of search engine, do you scroll through 10 pages at a time when you search for anything online, ever? No, you choose a topic on the first or maybe second page.

What Are Keywords

Now one of the key things that search engines do take into consideration are keywords within your sites content. What are keywords?

Keywords are the search terms that people enter into the search engines. For example, if you enter, how to potty train my dog or what is the best juicer, into Google search, you will get the top ranked sites containing these specific words. Makes sense right? Are you starting to see how far ahead of competition and just how important Jaaxy can be for you?

You see the major online search engines want you and the public to use them, not their competitors, so they will reward sites that they feel offer viewers the best value content. They will reward them with a higher place in the search results on their pages whenever someone types in a search request.

So simply having the right quality keywords in your sites content can and will make a difference to your sites online search rankings.

How Much Does The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool Cost

There are three different memberships that Jaaxy offers. A FREE membership that offers you 30 searchs, a PRO membership, and the top ENTERPRISE membership. Remember you can join free and then after seeing what the platform does for you and how it can be of benefit to you, decide to upgrade later.


I should take this opportunity to add that if you want to join up to WealthyAffiliate and get the best training, you can create and host multiple websites there, or transfer websites you currently own to be hosted there, and you can still join up with Jaaxy, but you get the opportunity to upgrade to either Pro or Enterprise membership for HALF PRICE! You can also stay with the starter membership, known as Jaaxy lite, as part of joining Wealthy Affiliate. For details of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and what it is, please feel free to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

So is it worth it

In my opinion I absolutely believe that joining up is worth it for anyone who has a website, blog, or any kind of business online.

The starter membership is free and allows you to decide if what I have told you is accurate or not, and I assure you it is. But if you have the option to join free and find out for yourself, what have you got to lose? You get to try before you buy, where I come from you don’t pass that up.

Then if you decide to go a step further after reviewing all the features I have discussed here for yourself, you can decide whether to stay with the free starter membership or upgrade to one of the premium memberships with the added site benefits.

If you don’t have access to a search tool that gives you quality keyword information, you are shooting in the dark when you are creating content on your website. Knowing what everyone else is searching for, and how many are doing so, can be a huge advantage to drive traffic to your website and get those precious click throughs and conversions.

So make sure that you TAKE ACTION, CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW AND TO GO TO THE JAAXY SIGN UP PAGE!jaaxy-review-free-keyword-search

I should also point out to you, if you do not have a website or a blog yet, then go to my review and sign up at my TOP RECOMMENDATION FOR WEBSITE CREATION AND WEBSITE HOSTING. Once you sign up there then you have access to the Jaaxy lite membership, and you will be able to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise for HALF PRICE.

Are you still not quite sure if you want to sign up for Jaaxy? I’ll tell you what, try out Jaaxy’s keyword search tool for free right here to get a feel of what I’m talking about.

I would like to thank you for reading my review on the Jaaxy keyword search tool. I hope you found this useful.

Please leave me a comment and give me your thoughts on it. Also, if you have any questions then leave them below in the comments section as well and I will get back to you soon.

Thank You,legit


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  1. Great review of Jaaxy, George!
    I’ve used Jaaxy as my go-to keyword research tool for several years now and it has never let me down!
    Top notch!
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Hello George,

    Seems like researching keywords is really important. I only found out that keyword research is a must if i want to get ranked. I tried other ones as well but it cost too much. Thank you for recommending this. I will give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Andy, Yes! Keyword research is very important when it comes to getting ranked in the search engines. You will not be disappointed by Jaaxy. If you would like to know a little more about getting ranked with keywords then you can see my post on: SEO On Keywords – Are you using SEO effectively?

      I want to thank you for reading my review and I can promise you that you will be satisfied. Let me know if you need a hand with anything else or need a hand navigating through jaaxy and learning what everything does.

      your friend,

  3. The Jaaxy SEO tool you have reviewed here seems to offer all the requirements that online marketers will need to establish their online business and track how it is doing in regards to the major search engines. I have used the free version for 4 years and it does help a lot.

    My interest today was looking at the premium versions that are available to see if it may be worth my money to upgrade. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I do get that free access, which is one great benefit. As I dive deeper into the online marketing world, having advanced features you get with Jaaxy can be helpful I think.

    The specific feature that I am interested in is the tracking of my keywords and websites. Right now I have over 30 websites in different niches and marketing segments, and knowing how my content is ranking would be a great statistic to have so I can work on getting more and moving up in rankings.

    What caught my eye was being able to upgrade at half price as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. That is a great deal. Have you taken advantage of this offer? Has it paid off for you? I would be interested in your experiences, as I do like to see what other people think before making any moves in regards to online tools. 

    1. Hello Dave,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my Jaaxy review. Now to answer your question, I have taken advantage of the offer to upgrade at half price. It HAS paid of paid off for me in many ways. I really like to be able to search keywords and just being able to click as many that interest you and save them to a list that you name. 

      That allows you to be able to refer to that list whenever you want and take a pick from your list to create quality content for. It saves a tremendous amount of time not having to research every time you want to create more content, all of your past research is already saved and just a click away.

      So I can say for me that joining Wealthy Affiliate and then being able to take advantage of Jaaxy for HALF PRICE was well worth it and it allowed me to keep all of my website creation, hosting, building, managing, support, training, and my keyword research all within one platform. I could not have found anything better, especially for the little amount of money that is invested each month for it all.

      I hope that answered your question and if there is anything else just ask.

      Thanks Again, 


  4. Your Jaaxy review is very informative.

    I am looking for a certain keyword research tool. I know how using the right keyword or keyword phrases will help me rank my site in the search engines.

    With your review, you also mentioned if I join your recommended platform, I will get to use this Jaaxy as well, wow, that`s awesome.

    Thank you for sharing your post, I will sign-up for your platform and try using this tool.

    1. Hello Hanna,

      I do believe that you will be making a great choice. It could be life changing for you if you follow the training step-by-step. It is really a all-in-one platform. That is hard to find, if you can find it, and if you do I can guarantee you will not find it for no where close to what you can sign up for right here at my TOP PLATFORM-ALL-IN-ONE.

      Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with and I want to thank you for taking the time and reading my Jaaxy review.

      Your Friend,


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