SEO On Keyword – Are You Using SEO Effectively

Are you using SEO effectively to boost your business?

SEO is essential to deliver traffic, authority, leads, and sales, but you’ll only get those benefits if you do it right.seo-on-keyword-are-you-using-seo-effectively

If not, your business might as well be invisible online, and who wants that, right?
Google’s always tweaking its search algorithms, so their is no guarantee that SEO practices that worked in the past will keep working in the future.

That is why I am going to be going over properly searching for keywords and phrases. I will be doing this step-by-step and I also will have a great offer for you that you will not be able to pass up, so stay with me…

We’re here to help.

What Is SEO

SEO is optimizing your web pages for better ranking in search results pages (SERPs). Part of the SEO process is using keywords. Words and phrases that describe what your content is about.

Then Google uses that information to determine which content is relevant to a particular search query, and how the page should rank in searches for a particular term. That’s what gives a web page its search ranking. (I will be referring to Google quite a bit as a search engine, since 65% of searches are done through Google.)

Google’s spiders crawl the web by visiting web pages. That is how search engines get their information.

They then add optimized pages to their index and log them. This is where indexing and ranking comes in with the search engines or Google.

When people search on their favorite search engine, the search engine then displays the best results for the person’s search.

This is how you get your keywords and find the more popular ones that has the most traffic.

Next, let’s look at how you get started when using keywords for SEO.

Getting Started With Using Keywords For SEOseo-on-keyword-are-you-using-seo-effectively

An important starting point when using keywords for SEO is doing keyword research. That’s how you find the right keywords to include on a web page in the first place.

Use of keywords helps Google assign the right search ranking and tells google what your content is about in the first place. That is why you want to have keywords that make sense and you want your content created around your keyword.

Keyword research helps you come up with your content strategy. By creating content around the terms that you know your audience is looking for.

The best practice is to focus each piece of content on a different keyword or keyword phrase, and never use the same keyword more than once. What I mean is not to create to different pieces of content or articles targeting the same keyword or phrase. You don’t want to end up competing with your own content for search rankings.

In the next section, we’ll look at how you find keywords to use in your content.

How to Find Keywords For Your Content

Brainstorm the terms that you think your potential customers might be searching for and make sure that it is relevant to your niche.

You can then go to google search and type that keyword in. There will then be a drop down menu of the most popular searchseo-on-keyword-are-you-using-seo-effectively terms that are being searched in google.
As you can see I typed in “most popular cell phone cases” and now I have 8 more search results that people are searching for in google.

You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page of search results and see what else people are searching for that are related to your search term.

The Next Step

If you are serious about your website, want to get traffic, and ready to go to the next step, you will be needing a keyword tool. I have one, that is arguably, the best in the industry. It is called Jaaxy.

Think about being able to get ahead of everyone in your niche and see what your competition is on your particular keyword phrase. Sounds like a great advantage to get a step ahead of the competition right? Well it is and I am going to show you how.

So we have some ideas from our google search above:seo-on-keyword-

  1. most popular cell phone cases
  2. most popular phone cases of 2019
  3. best phone cases of 2019
  4. best phone case brands
  5. best phone cases
  6. cute phone cases
  7. android phone cases
  8. trendy phone cases

As you can see, I typed in one of my ideas from google search “cute cell phone cases” and you can see all the keyword phrases. Those are only the ones that I captured with my screen shot to show you what I am talking about, their are even more than what is displayed here.

Now what does all of that mean? For example, the first column of numbers that is listed under Avg. is: The average searches for that particular keyword in a month. For the keyword I have underlined “cell phone cases” you can see that it gets searched 12,432 times in just one month.

The 2nd column under traffic is: The amount of visits to your website if you get ranked on the first page in the search engines. Of course any traffic is a great thing. You can see that this keyword would get you 2,114 visitors to your site in a month if you get ranked on the first page.

Well, what is my competition? Let me show you…

The 3rd column under QSR (Quoted Search Results) is: The number of websites that are ranked in Google under this particular keyword. There are 97 for our keyword “cell phone cases” which is great. Any keyword that is under 300-400 QSR and has some traffic would be a great one to create quality content around.

The 4th column, KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) is just what it says. It lets you know if your keyword isn a good one, average, or poor.

And the 5th column seo: A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you will rank for this particular keyword on the first page. The higher the better from 0-100.

Now you can see the power and advantage that my top keyword search tool has.

I know you are wondering what the cost of this wonderful tool is. There are three different memberships to Jaaxy with one of them offering 30 keyword search’s for FREE. That makes it really nice when you can try before you buy. The premium memberships consist of the Pro and Enterprise. You can see my full review of my Keyword Research Tool by clicking below.


I should take this time and bring to your attention, if you sign up for my recommended platform of WEBSITE CREATION and HOSTING, You get a version of the tool called Jaaxy lite for FREE. You can also upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise membership for HALF PRICE.

I am telling you that this tool is lucrative to your website and/or business. It lets you know what you are competing against and it is so hard to find anything close to the information you can receive by using Jaaxy. It also offers a lot more than just research, be sure and take action and see my review above.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article and I hope that it helped you as to what you are looking for.

Be sure to leave me a comment after you seen the pure power that your new tool has and the benefits that you get from using Jaaxy. Also, if you have any questions please leave them below in the comments section and I will get back to you soon.

Are you still not convinced? Then try a Free Keyword Search.

Thank You

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  1. Great article about SEO on keywords.  I have been blogging for almost a year now, and I love it, but I have never really understood what to do with keywords. I keep hearing about keywords but have never really understood  the importance of them. However, your post made it very clear and I tried Jaxxy and I now see how helpful it can be.  Thanks so much for all of this great information and the tips to improve my SEO through keywords. Thank you for really spelling it out so a newbie like me, can understand it.  I can’t wait to practice this new trick.

    1. Hello,

      If I can help you out with anything else please let me know. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post and I am glad that I was able to help.

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