Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership – “Premium it is” – Failing is not an option.

Premium It Is!

Read about how Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership can change the way you do business online and how it can help you wealthy-affiliate-premium-membershipbe a very successful online marketer in the near future.

Are you thinking about starting your own unique website business?

I know that if you are here is because you are working online or you are interested in working from home as an online marketer. If yes then you will want to be careful not to sign up to some great sounding opportunity that is promising large amounts of income with very little effort and no time involved. This is a formula that does not work.

But what does?

Give me just a few minutes of your time here and I will introduce you to an amazing all-in-one platform. Learn the Wealthy Affiliate platform and how Wealthy Affiliate is helping people around the world, make a full time income from home.

If a person does not achieve success here with the Premium Membership, it is because they did not try to reach success, plain and simple.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has become the life of my online business adventures. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of like-minded super supportive affiliates who have a common place to network, teach, and learn best practices.

The platform started in 2005 as a simple keyword list membership site and has since evolved to provide more comprehensive tools and services such as an integrated website builder, training tutorials, and lessons.

The community support at Wealthy Affiliate is also arguably one of the most active and helpful communities in the affiliate marketing niche, pretty rare if you ask me.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform dedicated to affiliate marketers and helping internet entrepreneurs create successful businesses online through training, having access to the tools and services they need, as well as timely support from industry experts.

Inside this massive toolbox for affiliates you will find thousands of hours of training on any topic that pertains to but not limited to: Website Creation, SEO, Keyword Research, optimizing a blog for SEO, as well as SEO on your website, and so more… Follow me inside and let me show you around!

Wealthy Affiliate is a very simple system with only two types of memberships. Yes, that means NO UPSELLS! You are not having to buy something around every turn in order to advance or grow. They don’t try to sell you something every 5 minutes either, like most do.

There is a Free Membership and a Premium Membership. The Premium cost of $49/month or $359year ($29.92/month. Save $229. 39% off). As everywhere else, a free membership is very limited, and it is very hard to be successful online. It is super hard when you are trying to build a solid online business as a free affiliate member.

A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Will Turn Your Passion Into Your Carreer.

With Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, you will learn how to create a website and how you can make that website into a strong foundation for your online business.

Having a website gives you the full control of selling or advertising anything you like. Owning a website is by far the best way of doing business online. Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership will teach you how to fully monetize your brand new website.

Don’t have any experience building a website?

Do not worry, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership has your back. You will have a start-to-finish training class in creating a beautiful website. Right after your website has come to life, then you will take a full class about how to monetize your brand new website.

Another thing, when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, is learning how you can make money in affiliate marketing. The process is really quite simple. Let me give it to you in a nutshell.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Promote other people’s products/services on your website and get paid a commission.wealthy-affiliate-premium-membership

First, you will need to select your niche. What is a niche? Though many people tend to overthink this process of selecting a niche, it too is simple to find a niche. All you have to do is look around you. You are involved in many niches every single day.

You are probably reading this post on your computer or a smartphone. Both of these devices are niches.

The chair you are sitting in. Do you drive a vehicle? That is a niche too. Do you like sports? How about animals? These are niches too.

You basically will choose a hobby, interest or passion of yours and create content on a specific aspect of that niche. Then you become free affiliates of companies that sell these products, where you will get free affiliate links to place on your website.

Let us say that you are into dogs. You want to do a website promoting dog products, but realize that the niche is far too broad. So what do you do?

You could focus in on a particular type of dog equipment like different kinds of toy’s or doggy beds.

You can also focus on multiple products that fall under a specific category of dogs. You could make your dog website to promote only food and treats, beds and mats, rain gear, harnesses, kennels, clothing for dogs, training services.

Then you would look for an appropriate affiliate program. You could and should become an Amazon affiliate because they do have such a large selection, but you should look for relevant programs too. So go to Google and type the following: Dog Products+Services+Affiliate Program

This will present you with affiliate programs of companies that has different products/services. Companies like Ruff Wear, Doggy Dan, Trainyourpetdog, and many others.

Now all you do is research what each program offers and apply to the ones you want.

The Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate Includes Everything you need and more…

The easiest way and the best way to start your success online, is to create an affiliate marketing website. Not only is this type of marketing website easy to start, but it also can be operated with a very low monetary yearly investment.

Where can you get started?

When searching the internet for affiliate marketing training you will find many offers. There are only a few worth looking at.

Of the few, only Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive training and website business building platform. You will find it very hard to fail as a member of the WA community because of all the benefits that is at your disposal within Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

What are these benefits?

  • Easy step-by-step training for the beginner
  • Walk-through video tutorials
  • Access to all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Courseswealthy-affiliate-premium-membership
  • Access to all 70 Affiliate Bootcamp Courses
  • Weekly LIVE webinar classes on various topics to enhance your success
  • Ability to create your own training tutorials (After 3 Months) and be paid for it
  • Your own affiliate blog that gets quick indexing into Google
  • Free access to the powerful Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Build all of your websites within 30 seconds without programming them yourself
  • Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on your own domain for no extra cost
  • Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on the Free SiteRubix sub domain
  • Access to over 3,000 WordPress website themes and 50,000 add on plugins
  • Free SSL Certificates for better encryption on websites with your own domain
  • Ability to purchase domain names from within the WA platform
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year you have direct access to Technical Support
  • Help and support from over a million WA world-wide community members
  • SiteProtect to give full protection against comment spam without the use of a plugin
  • Virus and malware protection for safer websites
  • SiteSpeed which increases the loading speed of all your website pages and posts
  • Easily learn about SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn the importance of Social Media Marketing
  • Have problems creating your content? SiteContent makes content creation easier
  • Grammar, spelling and plagiarism checkers within SiteContent
  • Access to 1,000,000+ free to use images from Pixels, Pixabay and Unsplash
  • Earn 100% more than free starter members in the free WA Affiliate Program

That may seem like a lot, but the two dozen benefits above is just the tip of the iceberg.

You get so much more and it will not cost you more than the $49/month Premium Membership fee with your first month of premium being only $19.

What a great price to pay to start your online success.

>>>> Premium Membership Sign-up Here – First month $19 <<<<

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate The Best Place To Begin?

The training at Wealthy Affiliate and the resources available for choosing a niche and affiliate programs, are the best you can find on the internet. There are so many things you can learn from the WA education experience that will benefit your website business success.

Many of the website building and content creation techniques that you will learn can also be applied to other people’s websites outside of WA. This will open up some possible freelance opportunities that can earn you additional income to help pay for your WA membership, while going through the training here.

One of the most sought after knowledge from people with small and medium size company websites is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO, in a nutshell, is learning how to get ranked in the search engines (google, bing, yahoo) which then allows you to build an audience from the free traffic clicking on your content.

Seeing how you will have this knowledge from the training here at WA, you can seek these freelance opportunities. Even knowing simple techniques like internal links will help, which you will learn as well.

Do you know how to help boost SEO rankings on your website?

It is one of the many simple and subtle techniques of SEO that is taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. Create relevant internal links in your website content.

For example “how to help boost SEO rankings” in the question I asked above this paragraph is linking you to a post that I have already written about that very topic. So, if someone wanted to learn or get help about SEO rankings then they are able to click on that link and off they go to another post on my website. Google LOVES them.

So if you are not yet a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to create, manage and operate your own unique affiliate marketing website business, join for FREE TODAY!

Get your Free Starter Membership and be up and running online in just a short period with NO OBLIGATIONS!

Try it before you buy it!

==>>> Click Here Now to SIGN-UP $0.

You Can Do Many Things With Your Websites.wealthy-affiliate-premium-membership

Remember you can host up to 50 Websites when you are a Premium Member in Wealthy Affiliate. This is great, If you are already paying hosting services somewhere else. You can transfer all of your websites, up to 25 for free, and save the money you are spending elsewhere. Then up to 25 domains you create inside WA and build.

50 Websites is huge. I know many that makes a wealthy living from just 1 website, so keep that in mind.

Having a website allows you to join and promote affiliate programs like Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and many other big companies around the world. All of these affiliate programs will not allow you to promote their product unless you have a well-designed and operating website with great quality content on it.

These websites must have good quality content to be approved by Amazon and other great commissions payers online. That is why it is very important to become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. There you will learn how to write attractive blogs with great quality content that can make you lots of money online.

Why Wealthy Affiliates Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate focuses more on training their affiliates on how to become successful online entrepreneurs. It does have its own Affiliate Program that pays very good commissions on every referral that you bring to the system and becomes a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member.

Wealthy Affiliate referrals program has many ways of making a recurring income.

Free Membership vs Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - "Premium it is" - Failing is not an option. 1
We all love the idea of free membership but it will not take to long to realize that we will only make a few cents per day if we do not become Premium. About 95% of an online marketer is searching for ways to make money online as a free member.

I do believe that it can be achieved, however, this will consume a tremendous amount of time and effort to be successful online. There are many reasons why people are trying to make money online with a free membership account. I get it because I tried it in the beginning because of my unsureness. Once you start to learn the proper way to do things online you will be kicking yourself for wasting the time you did by not up-grading.

When Should I Upgrade To A Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate?

You can go Premium as soon as you would like. I would not recommend that with any other programs, and the only reason I say that now because I am a current Premium Member myself and I know what is offered. The longer you wait, the more time you lose learning and building your success online.

It is very important to really check the programs out that you are looking to join. Just so you understand the process before you give your money away.

Don’t forget, Sign-up Now ===>>>> GET YOUR FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP HERE!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post. I will be in contact soon after you complete your sign-up above. See you in Wealthy Affiliate. If you need to message me after your signed up…

My username: GeorgeFisher

I would love to hear your questions and comments. After you take a look around inside by signing up above for your Free Membership, I would love to get your feedback as to what you think of the program after you take a look around. Just put in the comments section below. Thank you and I will respond personally to any questions.wealthy-affiliate-premium-membershipThank you!


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  1. Very informative post George, I enjoyed reading it, thanks for the info.


    1. Hello Russ, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your very important day and reading my post on the Premium Membership offered inside WA. There is NO other training/education and business building platform out there that is able to even come close to the things offered with the purchase of your Premium Membership. Having access to instant support 24/7 is worth the very low $49/monthly fee in itself and here you have over A MILLION MEMBERS to give you insight on any niche you are able to think of, from anywhere, all over the world. The Live Chat that goes on 24/hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year just adds so much more value to that as well.

      Secondly, there is, arguably the best, one of the TOP KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS available in the online world today. I do suggest that you read my review to Jaaxy, My #1 Keyword Research Tool. The good news is that if you are reluctant on becoming a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate you are still able to use Jaaxy.

      Try out a FREE KEYWORD SEARCH HERE and get a feel for the value that the tool offers in itself alone.

      Let me do tell you that the opportunity with the Premium Membership inside Wealthy Affiliate offers the knowledge, training and expert help for a person to start and scale there online success – To go above and beyond your imagination.

      Again, thank you for your time and if there is anything that I can help with please leave a comment. That is what I am here for and again, I do suggest going Premium.

      Your Friend,

  2. Wealthy Affiliate has a great training program and I would encourage anyone to become a part of this community that is helping so many people to have online success. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Norman, I agree to the fullest with that and thank you for sharing your feedback. I would also like to thank you for taking time out of your very important day and giving me the chance to share this with you.

      Warm Regards,

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