What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?
What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Let’s start this off very simple. What is wealthy affiliate about and whatcomputer-sign-up does it cost?  If you are here then you are probably interested in starting your own online business and that is what we are going to be touching on here.

There are so many opportunities out there with different costs that it can be confusing.

What makes things even worse is that a lot of these different opportunities offer a low cost to get started, but in reality you have to spend thousands to actually continue with their programs and they hide this fact. So let’s jump right in.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Beneficial

Wealthy Affiliate will be most worth it if you are in Affiliate Marketing and/or have no idea how or where to start online.  There is an abundance of information on the internet, and while you can probably find everything you need to know online, they are not very structured or in very good format, especially on the beginner side of things.

One value is the step-by-step tutorials and guides that Wealthy Affiliate has to show people in a variety of levels and experience.

Another point is Wealthy Affiliate can help to minimize some of your technical expenses.  They provide a hosting service for 25 domains, 25 websites (50 total), email addresses specific to your domain, and a Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy.

The combined total of these expenses for just one website can easily reach $20/mth.  An email address tied to you are domain costs $5/mth per account on Google Business Suite, while the equivalent hosting in terms of speed and space can cost $12/mth on hosts such as Siteground and Bluehost.  That is just a taste to show that things start adding up quick.

Wealthy Affiliate will also be very worthwhile if you are looking for an active Giveaways And Reviewsand helpful community of Affiliate Marketers – a path that is arguably quite individualistic. Your journey will be a lot smoother if you have experienced mentors to guide you as well as peers who can learn together with you.

Wealthy Affiliate primarily focuses on building niche websites and driving traffic to them through SEO (search engine optimization).

If you are more inclined towards another method of affiliate marketing such as through creating membership subscription sites, running e-commerce or drop-shipping sites, or getting traffic through solo ads, then Wealthy Affiliate will still be a very good place to start.

The Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

>>>Free Starter Membership<<<

Your able to set up an account and go through 2 courses that each have 10 lessons and they are very easy step-by-step courses.  So that makes for very fast and easy learning.  Trust me, I was new to the internet world, new as a person can be, and lucky enough I found Wealthy Affiliate in the beginning.

You get to build 2 free websites using one of the most popular site building platforms out there called WordPress.

There is also the Keyword Research Tool which is essential in finding lessKeyword Tool competitive keywords to use when writing you are articles.

Just about everyone that joins WA usually signs up for the free membership account, and then moves up to the premium account, which I will cover next.

Premium Membership

If you join as a free member and you are ready to really get serious about building an online business, so you can work from home, you can join as a premium member.

The Wealthy Affiliate cost for premium member runs $19 the first month, if you do it with in the first 7 days, $49 per month after, unless you pay for it yearly.

You get everything you need to learn and run your online business:
  1. Fast hosting for up to 50 websitesThis is a great deal in itself because if you were to go price a managed hosting platform then you would be spending quite a bit more than just the cost of you are premium membership with WA.
  2. Keyword tool – you can not build a successful business online without a keyword tool. You need to know what keywords to use along with the amount of visitors and it’s competition. Keyword tools alone cost $35 to $100 per month if you sign for the different ones online. One is included here with your membership.
  3. Training – many affiliates struggle for years trying to figure out how to make money online because they don’t get the right training. Here you get a ton of training that is continuously updated and it also includes, very easy to follow, videos.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About? 1

Once you are a premium member, you will get the opportunity to purchase the membership upfront for the whole year at a cost of $359.

So let me break it down for you here $359 for 12 months is $29.92 monthly.

This is truly an awesome value for what you get.  I am not sure how they can actually get the price this low?

I will show you what I mean by doing a comparison with other popular training courses.

In order to truly get an idea of why the Wealthy Affiliate cost is such a great deal, we need to do a comparison between different affiliate marketing training programs.

So I am going to list them here along with their costs so that you can make an informed decision.

  1. AWOL Academy cost – $99.00 to $9997.00 No hosting! No keyword tool!
  2. Affiliate Marketing Mastery cost – $1997 to $2300 No hosting! No keyword tool!
  3. Affilorama cost – $67.00 to $997.00 No hosting! No keyword tool!
  4. Super Affiliate Network (SAN) cost – $37.00 to $12,497.00 No hosting! No keyword tool!
  5. Niche Profit Full Control cost – $1,497.00 No hosting! No keyword tool!

As you can see by looking at these other training programs, you are going to be paying a lot more money and not getting the same amount of tools to use.

Just take a look at the price of some them and compare to Wealthy Affiliate pricing.  There is truly NO comparison that can even come close to what WA has toChoose And Generate Income offer!

Nothing To Lose & Everything To Gain!

If you are thinking about joining and you are hesitant because you have heard it all before, if nothing else, take my advice and try your Free Membership Here!

I truly believe this is one of the best values online.  Not only learning affiliate marketing, but also getting all the tools and training needed for beginners or experienced marketers to be successful.

If you have any questions or comments  feel free to leave them below.

I would also love to hear from you if you are a former or current Online Marketer.  Any comments and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated, please leave them below in the comments section of this post.

Thank You!

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  1. Hi there, nice post about WA. I will agree with you that WA is the best choice for starting an online business. There is a big chance to succeed, but it requires hard work which is logic thing if you ask me. Content on WA is very good organized and everybody can find what they need very easily. WA premium membership costs $19 for a first month, only $19!!! That is the best price for what you get as a premium member. Within that first month you can achieve many things if you putt your effort in, and eventually decide is WA good choice or not.

    1. Hello Marko,
      Thanks for the comment. I am actually doing that now. That discount on the first month starting out is a big help and you get to decide for a really cheap price. What a benefit!


  2. Overall, a pretty good and informative post.

    If I were you I would also include the Pros & Cons in this WA program. Every affiliate program would have its pros and cons. Listing them tend to make any review balanced and unbiased.

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